100 percent planting target achieved in Sahadei elderly

100 percent planting target achieved in Sahadei elderly

The fruitful results of DM Yashpal Meena's continuous review of the progress of the plantation have also started to be seen. The District Magistrate reviewed it again in the meeting of the District Agriculture Task Force in his office room on Friday. In which the District Agriculture Officer informed that the 100 percent target of paddy transplantation has been achieved in the Sahadei Buzurg block of the district. The target was to plant paddy on 2446 hectares in this block, which has been achieved. On the other hand, the Gauraul block is second with 83 percent and the Chehrakalan block is in third place with 74 percent. So far the target of planting 65 percent in the district has been achieved.

He informed that against the target of 54 thousand hectares, transplantation has been done in 34,900 hectares. In this, the planting was still found relatively less in Hajipur, Bhagwanpur, and Bidupur blocks, on which the District Magistrate expressed displeasure and told the need to pay more attention to these blocks. The District Magistrate said that the availability of urea should be ensured at all places and special attention should be paid that it should not be black-marketed and retailers should not charge more than the prescribed rate. On being asked about the action taken in the course of the investigation, the District Agriculture Officer said that clarifications were made against a total of one hundred shopkeepers, out of which most of the replies have been received. Further action is being taken after reviewing it.

In the review meeting, the Executive Engineer of Tirhut Canal Project Hajipur informed that the target of planting 16,179 hectares was fixed, against which 65 percent target has been achieved. Executive Engineer Minor Irrigation informed that in the last four days, 23 tubewells have been repaired and made available for Patwan. In this way, now 141 tube wells have come in working condition in the district. There are a total of 344 tubewells in the district, out of which 203 tubewells are still defective.

During the review of the rainfall in the district, the District Statistical Officer said that in the first four days of August, 49.99 ml of rain has been received, which is more than the average rainfall of 43.55, but still 42 percent less rain than the average rainfall of June-July. happened. District Agriculture Officer, Agriculture Engineer, District Co-operative Officer, District Fisheries Officer, District Statistical Officer, Executive Engineer, Minor Irrigation, Executive Engineer Gandak Canal Project Hajipur, Executive Engineer Electrical, etc. were present in the meeting along with the District Magistrate.

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