According to Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Vijay Sinha, there isn’t a ‘kingmaker’

Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Vijay Kumar Sinha said on Monday, upon his return to Patna after his attendance at the NDA 3.0 inauguration event chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, that the NDA is cohesive and does not have a kingmaker.

BJP leader Sinha said, “The NDA family is completely united,” when asked about reports that Nitish Kumar is the kingmaker within the NDA administration at the national level. There are no kingmakers anywhere. Everyone is employed by the country.

We operate as a family, serving the country as a whole and pursuing the goal of creating a developed India while upholding the will of the people. We’re all here together, and we’ve always wanted Narendra Modi to serve as prime minister for a third term.”

He also took aim at the opposition, stating that while they never stop claiming one thing or another, this administration will serve out its whole term.

According to Sinha, Bihar would continue to grow in the same manner as the rest of the nation.

The NDA won 30 of the 40 seats in Bihar in the just-ended Lok Sabha elections, which is nine less than the alliance’s 39-seat total from 2019.

This time, the JD-U and the BJP each won 12 seats, positioning the former as a crucial ally of the NDA in the current coalition.


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