After consuming fake alcohol in Siwan, Bihar, 5 people were killed and 16 were arrested

After consuming fake alcohol in Siwan, Bihar, 5 people were killed and 16 were arrested

In Bala Village, Lakari Nabiganj, Siwan district, Bihar, at LEAST 5 people are said to have passed away after ingesting fake alcohol, while 7 other people have become very sick. "Five more people have died, and 16 people have been detained thus far. ongoing further investigation "read the official announcement.

District magistrate Amit Kumar Pandey earlier today said that an autopsy report will be needed before determining the cause of death.

"Three persons have reportedly passed away in Siwan's Lakari Nabiganj after consuming phoney alcohol. Seven patients are receiving care. Additionally, ten others have been detained in this relation."

Naresh Bin, Janak Bin, Rajesh Rawat, and Dhurendra Manjhi have been named as the dead. While three other people passed away while travelling from Siwan Sadar Hospital to Patna, Naresh passed away in the village itself.

Notably, the event was discovered a few days after the Bihar Police found illegal liquor bottles on December 21st, 2017 concealed in a gutter in Danapur. The district government has begun operating camps in the area after the instance of fatalities caused by fake alcohol came to light.

Over 50 people died in Bihar's Chhapra from fake alcohol in December of last year, while at least five more reportedly perished after drinking hooch in the neighbouring Siwan district. Family relatives of the dead who were furious had protested by blocking the major route between Siwan and Chapra, Mali. The deceased's remains were sent to Sadar Hospital in Siwan.

The killings also sparked outrage on a national and state level, with opposition politicians criticising Chief Minister Nitish Kumar over the fatalities and Kumar himself repeating "piyoge to maroge" in front of the legislature.

(You will perish if you drink.)