Before catching the train from Patna Junction, read this news, now the ticket counter has changed

Before catching the train from Patna Junction, read this news, now the ticket counter has changed

The address of the unreserved ticket counter at Patna Junction of Danapur Division has changed from Thursday. Earlier these counters were placed alongside the reserve counter located at the western end of the junction. Keeping in view the inconvenience of the passengers, this unreserved counter has been shifted from the reserved counters to the one with the largest passenger waiting hall in the country. However, five years back also, unreserved counters were kept in the same place. But later it was done by the then Divisional Railway Manager with the above-reserved counters. After moving to the first floor above the reserved counters, the elderly and differently-abled passengers were facing a lot of trouble.

MP had complained to the Divisional Railway Manager

According to official sources, Rajya Sabha member Vivek Thakur was requested by the passengers to open the unreserved counters below as before. At the request of the passengers, the MP complained about this to the Divisional Railway Manager. Later the General Manager was also requested to bring down the unreserved counters. This action was taken at the request of the MP. As before, 12 counters have been made here. From Thursday morning all the counters started getting unreserved tickets.

East Central Railway made a record in freight loading

Indian Railways carried 115.80 million tonnes of freight in September, which is the highest in this month so far. Incremental loading in September stood at 9.7 million tonnes, an increase of 9.15 percent over the previous best September figures recorded in 2021. Incremental loading in the coal sector stood at 6.8 million tonnes. The growth has been achieved by 1.2 MT in Iron Ore and 1.22 MT in Remaining Others, 0.4 MT in Cement and Clinker, and 0.3 MT in Fertilizers. The growth in automobile shipments in this financial year has been another highlight of the freight business. Till September 2712 rakes have been loaded as compared to 1575 rakes loaded in the corresponding period of last year i.e. an increase of 72.2 percent. The cumulative freight traffic from April to September 30 has been 736.68 MT as against 668.86 MT in 2021-22. The transportation of coal (both domestic and imported) to power stations increased by 6.2 MT in September, with 42.00 MT of coal supplied to power stations as compared to 35.8 MT last year.

The remarkable role of East Central Railway in freight performance

East Central Railway has played a significant role in the performance of freight traffic by Indian Railways. There has been a remarkable growth of 13.41 percent in freight traffic till September. From April to September, East Central Railway carried 87.92 MT of freight, which is 10.40 MT more than the 77.52 MT in the corresponding period last year. A significant increase has been achieved in the transportation of mineral oil by about 80 percent, in container transportation by 34.71 percent, and in the transportation of cement by 20 percent.