Bihar Congress leaders want 'effective' participation in the Mahagathbandhan government

Bihar Congress leaders want 'effective' participation in the Mahagathbandhan government

New Delhi. Amid the cabinet expansion exercise of the new Mahagathbandhan government led by Nitish Kumar in Bihar, several senior Congress leaders in the state unit say that their party should have effective and dignified participation in this government. However, some state Congress leaders are also of the opinion that Congress should not join this government and support it from outside. On August 9, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar left the National Democratic Alliance and became a part of the Grand Alliance.

RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav has once again become the Deputy Chief Minister in the new government led by Nitish. It is believed that the cabinet will be expanded within the next few days. With Congress having 19 MLAs in the state, speculation is rife that it may get three ministerial posts in the new government, though Congress sources say the party wants at least four ministerial posts. The party's Bihar in-charge Bhakta Charan Das on Friday met Rashtriya Janata Dal President Lalu Prasad, after which he said that the Congress's stake in the government would be respectable.

Former Union minister and senior Congress leader Shakeel Ahmed thinks that his party's number of ministers in the government should be up to five, though he also said that the leaders of all constituent parties will take a decision. Ahmed told PTI, "We are leaders of the Congress, so we want our party to get maximum ministerial posts. But when the leaders of the parties sit for talks, it is decided after looking at many points...we feel that five ministerial posts should be given, but it will be decided by the leaders of the constituent parties. The party's participation will make it easier for the workers and the general public to work. Former State Congress Committee president Anil Sharma said that the Congress should not only get a respectable share in this government but also have 'effective' participation.

He said, "I am also of the opinion that there should be five deputy chief ministers from backward, extreme backward, Dalit, Muslim, and upper caste communities in the government so that social harmony can be seen. This is not the demand of the Congress, but my advice." Senior leader of Bihar Pradesh Congress Committee Kaukab Qadri said that keeping in mind the social and political reality of Bihar, the Congress should be a part of the Grand Alliance government. "The Congress can strengthen itself by staying in this alliance," he said.

Qadri said, "According to me, the number of Congress ministers should be four in this government." Senior state Congress leader Kishore Kumar Jha said that the Congress should support the government from outside. “In the years 2000 and 2015, we have seen that after joining the government, the number of our assembly seats decreased in the next elections. That's why I believe we should support from outside." Jha said, "The main share of power will be with RJD and JD(U). Congress will remain in power only in name. People will have high expectations from Congress if they are in power. We support Nitish Ji morally, but if we support outside the government, it will be appropriate.

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