Bihar: Women officer eats bribe for money that came in the name of dead, 50-50 in Jamui, widow woman bid - just not anymore

Bihar: Women officer eats bribe for money that came in the name of dead, 50-50 in Jamui, widow woman bid - just not anymore

If you don't live, have mercy on death. Sell ​​my shroud, feed my children.' This thing must have been coming out of that soul today, which got separated from the body. But corruption started robbing even the money that came on his death. In Bihar, Rs 1 lakh was demanded from his relatives on the money that came for the dead, in which 50 thousand rupees were also given to the female officer. The widowed woman, sharing an audio clip (phone recording) of the conversation on the amount that came after the death of her husband, complained to the DM about the lady officer.

The widow woman alleges that after this, the woman officer started demanding bribe in the name of district administration. This case of a woman officer taking a bribe of 50 thousand in the name of the dead body, as well as demanding another 50 thousand in the name of the district administration, is now gaining ground. In the case, the phone recording of the conversation for this demand of the officer was imprisoned in the mobile by the wife of the deceased. 

The matter reached Jamui DM, then it was revealed

When the matter reached the District Magistrate, the District Magistrate ordered to register a case against the woman officer. On filing the complaint of the victim woman, the woman officer was harassed and threatened by her loved ones. The matter is related to the labor change officer of Jhajha block of the district, Kumari Selja, who remains the center of discussion in the block these days. Who has demanded a bribe of one lakh rupees in the amount of grant to be received on the death of a laborer, such a serious allegation has been made. In which 50 thousand rupees have also been digested by madam.

The whole matter...

It is said that Dinesh Pandit, a laborer of Barajor village, had died in the last months. Dinesh had registered in the BOCW of the Labor Resources Department. After the death of Dinesh, a grant of two lakh was to be received as death benefit under the scheme BOCW run by the Labor Department. Bandana Devi, wife of the deceased Dinesh, applied for grant to Labor Enforcement Officer Kumari Selja. On which the Labor Enforcement Authority demanded a bribe of one lakh rupees on receiving the grant amount.

bribe in installments

When the wife of the deceased talked to Kumari Selja about this, she said that now more money has to be paid. Kumari Selja said to take first 50 thousand as advance amount. And when the amount of the grant comes on the account, he said to give the remaining 50 thousand rupees. Victim woman Bandana Devi somehow made money and gave 40 thousand to Kumari Selja. The remaining amount was told to be given when the money comes in the account. On July 14, the amount of grant arrived on the account of Bandana Devi.

send your messengers as soon as the money arrives

As soon as the money arrived in the widow's account and Kumari Selja got the information, she sent her favorite people as messengers and sent the news to the victim's house that Madam was calling. The account of the victim woman was closed. When the account was opened, the amount of the grant came on the account. The victim woman transferred the remaining 10 thousand rupees of Kumari Selja to the Labor Enforcement Officer. During this, the victim woman made a complete audio recording of the conversation. In which the wife of the deceased is being pressurized by Shailja to deliver the remaining 50 thousand at the earliest.

After pleading a lot of the victim woman, Shailja said to reduce her share by 10 thousand rupees. When the victim woman took information about the money from the senior officer in this case, it came to know that there is no money anywhere. On which the victim woman demanded money from Kumari Selja. On which the Labor Enforcement Authority said that there was no money left. Also asked to give money on getting salary. The victim Bandana Devi complained to the District Magistrate through a letter after the victim woman did not get the money despite repeated requests. Also made available the audio of the conversation between the Labor Enforcement Officer and the woman.

FIR-DM to be registered

Taking the matter seriously, the District Magistrate directed the Labor Superintendent to register an FIR at the earliest. In this case, the victim woman Bandana Devi has lodged a case against the Labor Enforcement Officer at Jhajha police station. He told that after complaining to the District Magistrate, I am being harassed and threatened by the Labor Enforcement Officer through many people. Due to which my whole family is living in fear. In this case, the police station in-charge Rajesh Sharan said to register a case. The discussion of the said incident is in full swing in the district that despite being a woman officer, she took bribe in the name of the dead body. Expressing concern over the said incident, trade union leader Parmeshwar Yadav, where Labor Enforcement Officer Kumari Selja demanded bribe in the amount and grant which came in the name of the laborer. At the same time, they exploit the workers and their families, which is condemnable.

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Heavy rain warning in Sheohar, Sitamarhi, Madhubani, and Darbhanga, and the possibility of a thunderstorm in 18 districts today

Heavy rain warning in Sheohar, Sitamarhi, Madhubani, and Darbhanga, and the possibility of a thunderstorm in 18 districts today

There is a possibility of rain in all the districts of Bihar today. Moderate to heavy rainfall may occur in some districts. Today there is a warning of heavy rain in four districts of North Bihar, Sheohar, Sitamarhi, Madhubani, and Darbhanga. Also, there is a possibility of thunderstorms in 18 districts. An appeal has been made to the people of these districts to be careful regarding this. On Sunday, only seven districts of Bihar received rain.

The 18 districts of North Bihar and South Bihar where thunderstorms and moderate rainfall are likely are East Champaran, West Champaran, Gopalganj, Siwan, Saran, Darbhanga, Madhubani, Sheohar, Sitamarhi, Muzaffarpur, Vaishali, Samastipur, Buxar, Bhabua, Rohtas, Aurangabad, and Arwal are included. There is a possibility of thunderstorms with rain in all the areas of these districts.

On the other hand, light or moderate rainfall may occur at most places of Supaul, Araria, Kishanganj, Purnia, Katihar, Madhepura, and Saharsa in Northeast Bihar. Light rain and lightning are likely to occur at one or two places in 13 districts of south-central and southeast Bihar. These districts include Patna, Gaya, Jehanabad, Nalanda, Sheikhpura, Nawada, Begusarai, Lakhisarai, Bhagalpur, Munger, Banka, Jamui and Khagaria.

Most rain in Kishanganj

On Sunday, Kishanganj received the highest rainfall of 14.4 mm. Light rain has occurred at one or two places of Purnia, Katihar, Araria, Nalanda, Sheikhpura, and Begusarai. The highest temperature on Sunday was 37.8 degrees Celsius in Buxar. Aurangabad was in second place where the temperature was recorded at 37.7 degrees. The average temperature in all the districts including Patna, and Gaya was between 34 and 37 degrees. The lowest temperature was recorded in Saharsa at 32.5 degrees Celsius.

people will get relief from the heat

According to the Meteorological Center Patna, the flow of east and southeast wind remains up to 1.5 km above the surface in the whole of Bihar. Its speed is about eight to 10 kilometers per hour. Simultaneously, an East-West trough is passing from the cyclonic circulation area formed over North-West Rajasthan to the Bay of Central West Bengal at 1.5 km above sea level through East Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and South Odisha. With the rains, people will get relief from the heat.

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