BJP Leader Rules Out Reconciliation With Nitish Kumar Because "He Abused PM's Trust"

BJP Leader Rules Out Reconciliation With Nitish Kumar Because "He Abused PM's Trust"

According to Sanjay Jaiswal, the head of the BJP's state unit, BJP activists from all across Bihar have been officially informed that a realignment with the "unpopular" Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is not an option.

Following the party's two-day state executive conference in the Darbhanga region of North Bihar, he made the claim.

"We have made an effort to put an end to rumours of such a realignment within our party's cadre. Of course, the CM has a tendency to swing back and forth. But we're not going to let him con us again ", said the head of the BJP, whose group lost power in Bihar as a result of Kumar and the JD(U) leaving their previous coalition with the saffron party to form a new one with the RJD and Congress.

"Nitish Kumar's popularity has plummeted. His unpopularity was the reason his JD(U) scored poorly in the 2020 assembly elections, while we fared far better ", Mr. Jaiswal remarked.

"Kumar was granted a second term in office because to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's noble decision (udaarta) to uphold the election-related commitment. However, Kumar misused the confidence that PM had placed in him since he is a chronic betrayer "said the head of the BJP in Bihar.

In his rejection of the BJP, Mr. Kumar said that the party was attempting to divide the JD(U) with the assistance of his erstwhile close ally RCP Singh.

The party has also charged the BJP of attempting to undermine the assembly elections when Chirag Paswan's Lok Janshakti Party nominated several saffron party dissidents in opposition to JD(U) candidates.

After winning the upcoming assembly elections, Mr. Jaiswal reiterated that the BJP now intended to form its own government in Bihar. He also asserted that the tone would be set in the Lok Sabha elections the following year, for which "we have set a target of more than 35 out of 40 seats in the state."

Also, Mr. Jaiswal said, rather ironically "Today marks the anniversary of the birth of Nitish's mentor George Fernandes. Nitish can dump anybody since he didn't hesitate to betray him ".