Durga Puja Munger: 100 years old temple renovated in Dravidian style, looks amazing

Durga Puja Munger: 100 years old temple renovated in Dravidian style, looks amazing

The architecture with which the temples of South India are decorated is called the Dravidian style. This time the people of Jamalpur will be exposed to this style. The Mahamaya Shakti Dham temple located in the Marwari Dharamshala courtyard of Jamalpur has been constructed on the lines of South India. The manner in which the decoration and electrical decoration work is being done in this attractive temple situated in the central part of the city, has been a topic of discussion in the city since then. There is such a discussion among the people that the way this temple has been built in Dravidian style, such a temple is not there in the surrounding districts. This temple will also be special for the devotees during Navratri. Large crowds are expected to arrive. In this way, after worshiping here, every wish sought from the mother is fulfilled.

Bengal artisans will decorate with flowers

Mahamaya Shakti Dham Temple will be decorated with flowers by skilled craftsmen of West Bengal on the Saptami, Ashtami, and Navami days of Shardiya Navratri. It will be the center of attraction for the district. Girdhar Shanghai, Jai Shankar Sharma, Sujit Shanghai, Yogesh Agarwal, Prakash Pansari, Dinesh Joshi, Shivkumar Bajoria, Rajkumar Sharma, and Arvind Jalan told that the South Indian method was adopted to furnish the temple. Here the statue of the mother has been brought from Jaipur and established with a reputation. The idol of the nine forms of Maa Durga is also installed on the temple premises.

If DJ plays in Durga Puja, you will go straight to lock-up

Dialogue thread, Haveli Kharagpur (Munger). A meeting of Puja committee members was held on Kharagpur police station premises regarding Durga Puja. Neeraj Kumar was presided over by Police Station. Public Grievance Redressal Officer Dheeraj Sinha said that the members of the Puja committee should celebrate the festival in a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. There will be a complete ban on DJs. Direct action will be taken on playing DJ. The SHO said that if there is any problem in the order of worship in the temple and during the fair, then immediately inform the administrative officers about the matter, so that the problem can be rectified. Apart from taking license, cleanliness, lighting, etc., many other points were also discussed. The officials said that soon a meeting of peace committee members would be organized at the sub-divisional level in the sub-divisional office as well. Many worship committee members including CO Santosh Kumar Singh, Chamber President Sanjeev Kumar, Rakesh Chandra Singha, Niranjan Mishra, PSI Arvind Kumar, Bablu Sah, and Bikku Sah were present on the occasion.

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