During the confidence vote, Tejashwi Yadav said Nitish Kumar, “Your nephew will stop PM Modi in Bihar.”

Tejashwi Yadav, a former deputy chief minister of Bihar and leader of the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), chastised state chief minister Nitish Kumar, claiming that while he and his party treated the leader of the JD-U like a family member, the CM rejected them once again. Yadav also said that the Bihar chief minister had switched sides in order to seek political advantage, leaving the state in disarray. during the confidence vote tejashwi yadav said nitish kumar your nephew will stop

Tejashwi, taking aim at the chief minister of Bihar, described himself as the “nephew” who would defeat Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the region. “You (Nitish Kumar) are a part of our family in our minds…We belong to the Samajwadi clan.Mow your bhateeja would carry the flag to stop the Prime Minister in Bihar, just as you had carried it to stop Modi ji nationwide.”

As their leader (Nitish) continues switching sides and causing problems for them, the RJD leader expressed his sympathy for the JDU MLAs, saying that they are the ones who approach people to ask for votes.

Nitish is mocked by Tejashwi
The RJD leader made fun of Nitish Kumar for taking the oath for the ninth time in a row, claiming he had never seen a leader take the oath three times in a single term.

“Let me start by congratulating our chief minister, Nitish, for writing history by taking the oath of office nine times in a row. The RJD leader in the Bihar Assembly said, “We have not experienced such a fantastic scenario of taking oath for the third time in one term.

The leader of the RJD attacks Nitish over Yadav’s Bharat Ratna award, saying, “You (Nitish) have worked with Thakur and my father (Lalu Prasad Yadav) too and you (Nitish) knew that when Thakur increased the reservation, it was the Jan Sangh people who removed him from the post of chief minister.” “Great socialist leader Karpoori Thakur got Bharat Ratna award, it was a matter of great happiness,” the RJD leader said.

He said that rather than declaring the Bharat Ratna award as a sign of respect for Thakur, the BJP-led Centre engaged in negotiations to win his support. He questioned Nitish about how he could work with the people that removed Thakur from office—Jan Sangh, which is now the BJP.

The former deputy chief minister of Bihar went after Nitish, reminding him that he was a family member.

“Nitish, you are a part of our family in our minds. Our family is Samajwadi,” he said.

Three RJD MLAs sit in legislature with the governing NDA.
At least three of the RJD’s members were seated on the benches of the governing party in the Bihar legislature on Monday, which dealt a blow to the party, which has lost support in the state.

Before voting on a no-confidence vote against Speaker Awadh Bihari Chaudhary, Tejaswhi filed a point of order, objecting to party MLAs Chetan Anand, Neelam Devi, and Prahlad Yadav sitting among members of the governing NDA.

However, Deputy Speaker Maheshwar Hazari, who was seated, did not rule on the point of order.

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