Flood in Bihar: If you are going to Katihar, then wait, Mahananda is in spate, vehicular operations stopped, erosion everywhere

Flood in Bihar: If you are going to Katihar, then wait, Mahananda is in spate, vehicular operations stopped, erosion everywhere

Mahananda is in spate in Azamnagar. Locals are worried about the threat of possible floods. Seeing the condition of the embankment, the risk of the deluge has increased more among the people. The condition of the Jhaua-Durgapur embankment under the flood control division Katihar has become such that the traffic of four-wheelers is now stalled on it. Whereas for a population of thousands, the path made on this embankment is no less than a lifeline. If there is a flood, this is the only option to provide relief.

From Santhali Tola Gutheli to Rohit, the villagers have encroached upon the embankment with a pile of firewood on both sides of the embankment. Now the path of the embankment has been blocked because of this, there is also a nest of rats on the embankment. In such a situation, if Mahananda takes a dangerous form like in 2017, then the department will be able to handle the embankment, that is a big question.

Among the local people, Mu Taimul, Abdul Razzaq, Abdul Wahid, Mu Tanzil, Shankar Rai, Suresh Rai, Shivcharan Mandal, Mu Kalimuddin, etc. said that the condition of the Jhaua-Durgapur embankment is dilapidated. The engineers of the department do not pay any attention to this. It is to be known that in 2017 the same embankment collapsed in Gutheli, due to which many villages were submerged and government property worth crores were also damaged. But the department is not ready to take a lesson from the past mistake. The executive engineer of the department had talked about repairing this embankment last month. But till now the condition of this embankment remains the same.

What the District Councilor says: District Councilor Munawar Alam said that there is an atmosphere of concern among the people of the area regarding the safety of the embankment. The department should repair this embankment soon. Otherwise, there will be a protest against the department.

The water level of Mahananda decreased in Azamnagar, and erosion intensified

For a few days in Azamnagar, the river Mahananda has become soft. A decrease of 15-20 cm has been recorded in the water level of the river. After which people breathed a sigh of relief in the likely flood-affected areas. Although the river is flowing above the danger mark at almost all points. Here the erosion of the river has increased due to the decrease in the water level.

At present, the flood water has not reached the villages situated inside the embankment. But now if the water level rises, many villages may come under the guise of floods.

Here the pressure on the spur had increased since the water level increased. Due to this, the departmental exercise has intensified. But people are calling the claims made regarding pre-flood preparations as hollow. The rain cuts on the embankments have not even been repaired. At the same time, people are accusing people of ignoring the repair of the spur.

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Youth shot dead in broad daylight in Nalanda, there was a dispute over banana

Youth shot dead in broad daylight in Nalanda, there was a dispute over banana

A youth has been murdered in broad daylight in Nalanda, Bihar. On Sunday, miscreants shot and killed a young man in the Trilok Vigha village in the Hilsa police station area. After the incident, the miscreants fled after firing a dozen in the air to spread panic. The deceased youth is Jaggu Prasad, the 27-year-old son of Dev Sharan Prasad, a resident of Trilok Vigha village. Taking quick action, the police arrested the killer Ajay Kumar. Police sent the body to Sadar Hospital for post-mortem.

The controversy happened during the Chhath festival

It is said about the incident that Jaggu had a dispute with Akhilesh Prasad of the village and his brother Ajay Kumar over cutting bananas during Chaiti Chhath. After this Akhilesh Prasad and Ajay Kumar beat Jaggu Prasad's brother Chhotu Prasad and broke his leg. Due to serious injuries, he was treated in Patna. In this regard, the victim's relatives had lodged an FIR in the police station against many people including Akhilesh Prasad. Taking action, the police arrested Akhilesh Prasad and sent him to jail. DSP Krishna Murari said that raids are being conducted to arrest the other accused.

Even after Panchayati, the case was sent to jail

According to the villagers, after the dispute, a settlement was reached between both the parties in which the accused party had given Rs 3500 as a fine. Despite this, Jaggu Prasad had sent Akhilesh Prasad to jail after doing a case. On Saturday, Akhilesh demanded money from Jaggu Prasad. After this, an incident of the fighting took place between the two. At around 10.30 on Sunday, Ajay Kumar, Akhilesh Prasad, Bilton Kumar, and some of his associates came and started firing Jaggu Prasad. Jaggu's brother-in-law Prem Kumar, who came to the rescue, was also beaten up. Meanwhile, Ajay Kumar shot Jaggu Kumar in the head, killing him on the spot.

The father said that if the police had come on information, the son's life would have been saved.

Jaggu's father said that on Saturday evening when Akhilesh and his brother Ajay came to the house, they were abusing and threatening us. At that time the police were informed but the police did not come. The father said that son Jaggu's life would have been saved had the police taken immediate cognizance. SHO Ghulam Sarwar said that he was not given any kind of information.

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