Forty years old A Bihar man survives for 88 days by consuming only 250 grams of milk

It goes without saying that maintaining a healthy diet and way of life keeps us in shape. But these days, a lot of individuals follow bad diets because of their hectic lives, which causes a lot of health problems. But news recently surfaced that someone managed to maintain good health by consuming just 250 grams of milk over the course of 88 days.

Tarakeshwar Mishra, 40, of Nagdah village in the Madhubani region of Bihar, is reportedly still alive after consuming only 250 grams of milk. Having lasted for 88 days on only 250 grams of milk, he is one of the Hathayogis.

The villager, Tarakeshwar Mishra, has been fasting since February 18. In the meantime, he said in recent interviews with the media that he is now enjoying sadhna for Lord Shani Dev’s temple. At the location where he is now performing this sadhna in the hamlet, he intends to construct a temple dedicated to Shani Dev. As a result, he needs the villagers’ assistance all the time.

Some people have helped, but not enough, so the temple cannot be constructed. He has therefore immersed himself in Hatha Yoga practice and will keep doing so till the temple is finished.

He claimed to be a devotee of Shani Dev and that his sadhna is dedicated only to Lord Shani when asked about the key to keeping healthy while drinking milk. He is not doing yoga for any improper reason. Performing this sadhna gives him confidence, Tarakeshwar Mishra said.

Tarakeshwar Mishra comes here for sadhana regardless of the weather or other conditions. Here, he spends the night and takes a nap in a bamboo-framed tent.

He is now asking a lot of people for assistance with the temple’s building. He says that the help that has been provided so far is not enough. Tarakeshwar Mishra said that in order to construct the temple, he needed more funding. But now that the idol has come, the process is moving ahead with some locals’ assistance.

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