In Bihar, where the tiger killed the farmer, once again it was seen hovering there, now the support of the drone camera

In Bihar, where the tiger killed the farmer, once again it was seen hovering there, now the support of the drone camera

In Bihar's West Champaran, there is an atmosphere of panic about the tiger. The cannibal tiger from Harnatad Vananchal is smarter than humans. Bairiya is seen again and again in the village of Kala, but cannot be caught. The administration has given full force for two days to catch him. All the resources including drone camera, cage, tranquilizer gun, mahajal, and rescue van are proving to be a failure in front of the vicious tiger. The forest workers tied the goat so that the tiger would come to hunt it. Understanding every move, he is also registering his presence from time to time. At around 5.30 am on Thursday, he was again seen at the same place where the farmer had been killed. Due to this act of tiger, there is an atmosphere of panic among the villagers.

Preparations for catching the tiger

To catch the cannibal tiger, the forest department has put the entire army in the field. The help of 60 forest guards, five vans, four big nets, two tranquilizes guns, two tractors, 40 CCTV cameras, and one drone camera are being taken. The forest department team had reached close to the tiger on Wednesday evening. The forest guard shot him with a tranquilize gun, but he escaped from there. The team also started following him. So that as soon as he faints, he can be rescued. The team kept looking for the tiger in the forest for 40 minutes, but could not find it.

22 cattle free including two pickups

Medium. The local police have taken major action against animal smugglers. In 22 cattle laden on two pickups have been freed. Four cattle smugglers have been arrested in this action. The arrested smugglers include Muhammad Mustafa, resident of Khoda Nagar Motihari Ward 14 of East Champaran district, Muhammad Abid, resident of Kajipur, Pipra Kothi, Jeevdhara Ward 11, Sheikh Shahzad resident of Cantonment of Manuapul police station area and Muhammad Ajiju Khan, resident of Madhopur Ward 05. Four mobile sets have also been seized from them. The police are searching the old history of these arrested smugglers.

Whereas, the captured animals have been sent to the designated gate. Inspector cum SHO Ajay Kumar gave this information. He said that on Wednesday night, a vehicle checking campaign was being conducted near the Amvaman diversion of Bettiah-Motihari road located on NH 727. During this, cattle laden on two pickups were seen. With which they were arrested. Taking further action in the matter, all the animal smugglers were sent to judicial custody.

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