In custody, a Bihar man and his 14-year-old wife die, and a furious mob sets fire to the police station

A man and his “minor” wife are said to have committed suicide while in police custody, leading the irate residents of Tarabari village in Bihar’s Araria district to vandalise and set a police station on fire.

Locals claim that not long after their marriage, the guy and his wife were arrested by the authorities. They say the couple was assaulted by the police and died while being held in jail.

The guy had been widowed for more than a year. He wed the 14-year-old sister of his late wife two days before the event. But on Thursday afternoon, the cops took them into custody.

The legal age of marriage for women in India is eighteen.

As soon as word spread that the couple had allegedly committed suicide on Thursday night, the hamlet was rocked by people who stormed the Tarabari police station and threw stones at the officers, according to an NDTV report.

As the locals went on the rampage and vandalized the police station before setting it on fire, the situation became worse. At least five police officers were hurt in the course of the event.

Authorities said that police officers from many stations, including Sadar SDPO Rampukar Singh, arrived at the location after learning of the occurrence. The enraged locals continued their demonstration despite their presence, brandishing anti-police chants.

Locals said that after being beaten by police, the couple passed away while in detention as a result of the officers’ carelessness. The police, however, have not yet commented on the situation.

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