In Darbhanga, RJD’s MY equation pits against the BJP’s Brahmin card

May 11, Patna The fight for Darbhanga is emerging as a contest between the NDA and the Grand Alliance, similar to other Lok Sabha seats in Bihar.

It would be fascinating to see if the Muslim-Yadav equation of the RJD or the BJP’s Brahmin card prevails.

Gopal Jee Thakur, the current BJP MP, has been renominated by the NDA, while Lalit Kumar Yadav of the RJD is standing in for the Grand Alliance.

Mukesh Sahani’s inclusion is critical for the Grand Alliance because of his sway over fishermen’s votes, who might support the RJD candidate.

There are 17,74,656 voters in Darbhanga overall, with 9,33,122 male voters and 8,41,499 female voters.

In addition, this constituency has 35 voters who identify as third-gender.

With a population of more than 4.70 lakh, the Brahmins have a strong position in the caste system. In the area, they are regarded as combative voters.

The Muslim population in this area is particularly noteworthy, numbering around 3.6 lakh, and the Nishad-Sahani (a community of fishermen) population comes next, at about 2.25 lakh.

Aside from this, there are around 2.7 lakh SC/ST voters and 1,80,000 Yadav voters.

Due to the long-standing political dominance of Maithili Brahmins in Darbhanga, nine of their candidates have been elected to the Lok Sabha.

The BJP often places its bets on Brahmin candidates with their dominance in mind, and this strategy has paid off for them.

In the 1999 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP secured the Darbhanga seat for the first time. Despite losing in 2004, the saffron party’s candidates went on to win three straight elections in 2009, 2014, and 2019.

Following a hat-trick of victories, the BJP is gearing up for its fourth straight triumph in 2024, with the Darbhanga Lok Sabha seat emerging as the party’s new bastion.

BJP MP Gopalji Thakur beat Abdul Bari Siddiqui of the RJD in the 2019 Lok Sabha election by a significant margin. At that point, Gopalji Thakur received 5,86,668 votes, or around 62% of the total votes cast.

Abdul Bari Siddiqui of the RJD received 3,18,689 votes, or around 33% of the total.

The Grand Alliance, demonstrating faith in the MY equation, has chosen Lalit Prasad Yadav as its candidate this time around in an effort to close this deficit. It is yet unclear how the BJP will respond to this obstacle.

Situated on the banks of the Bagmati River, Darbhanga is an old city with rich customs and history that were also referenced in the Ramayana.

It is renowned for its hospitality and has introduced the globe to the flavor of Makhana. Fish, paan, and makhana are what make this location unique. Its customs and traditional culture are likewise well known.

Six Assembly seats, including Gaura Bauram, Benipur, Alinagar, Darbhanga Rural, Darbhanga, and Bahadurpur, are included in the Darbhanga Lok Sabha constituency. With the exception of Darbhanga Rural, all five seats are under NDA control.

Lalit Yadav, an MLA for the RJD from the Darbhanga Rural constituency, is running for the Lok Sabha seat on the party’s ticket.

There are a lot of difficulties in Darbhanga. Its many issues include flooding, sewage, and roadways. Here, one of the main issues during the rainy season is waterlogging. If I prevail, I’ll see to it that these issues are resolved. Building an AIIMS here in Darbhanga is my top objective.

“Our leader, Tejashwi Yadav, wants to provide young people with work. These are our objectives, and our party constantly preaches a message of fraternity across all castes and faiths,” Lalit Yadav said fervently.

“We accomplished a lot in Darbhanga during the previous five years under PM Narendra Modi’s direction, and we want to continue in the next term. People are aware of my work. They believe in PM Modi because he has performed very well over the last ten years. Declaring with a confident tone of voice that “the people of Darbhanga will vote for him and make him PM for the third time,” Thakur, the BJP contender, said.

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