In Katihar, Bihar, a female government school teacher was attacked and then burned alive

May 21, Patna According to authorities, a female teacher at a government school in Bihar’s Katihar district was repeatedly stabbed before being set ablaze on Tuesday.

The accused is fugitive from the district’s Laxmipur village, which is under the jurisdiction of the Pranpur police station.

At 5:30 in the morning, Yashoda Devi was being driven to the primary school when she was assaulted by Halchal Kumar, who brandished a knife against her, stabbing her repeatedly until she fell to the ground. Then, according to SDPO, Sadar, Abhijeet Kumar Singh, he doused her with gasoline and lit her ablaze.

According to the preliminary inquiry, they formerly had a romantic relationship. The victim’s family members verified this when we double-checked with them. On this issue, a panchayat meeting was previously convened as well,” he stated.

After the deceased corpse was found, police sent it for a post-mortem investigation.

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