Nalanda youth commits suicide at a police station

Nalanda youth commits suicide at a police station

After being forcibly held and subjected to torture for five days, a young man is said to have committed himself at a police station in the Nalanda region of Bihar.

On Sunday night inside the Telhara police station, an event took place, but it wasn't discovered until Monday morning. Krishna Yadav of the hamlet of Korba has been named as the dead. He was discovered with a computer wire in his hands dangling from a window at the police station's computer room.

According to reports, Krishna was escorted by a police team to the police station on January 17 for questioning in relation to the murder of Lalit Yadav, the sarpanch of Korba panchayat, which happened in November of last year.

Family relatives of Krishna said that he was imprisoned at the police station for five days and tortured nonstop before being slain.

"We had visited the police station numerous times in the previous five days, and my son had been complaining to me that the officers were torturing him into confessing to the killing. He pleaded with me to rescue him constantly. According to Udi Yadav, Krishna's father, the police tortured and murdered Krishna.

After learning of the killing, residents of Korba Panchayat mounted a protest and lay siege to the police station.