NEET Cheating Scam: Bihar student pays Rs 40 lakh for deal, memorises answers the night before the exam

An established gang has been implicated, according to Bihar police investigations into the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test Undergraduate (NEET UG) 2024 test paper leak. Ayush Kumar, a student who was detained in Patna, said that the day before the test, he was forced to memorize the whole question paper.

Authorities were notified by Akhilesh, Ayush’s father, that he spoke with Sikandar in Samastipur to get the test paper ahead of time. Sikandar wanted all other required papers and asked for Rs 40 lakh from him. Upon payment of the agreed upon price, the certificate would be returned after the test.

Burnt question papers were discovered during searches on the gang’s hiding places. But the National Testing Agency’s Senior Director, Dr. Sadhna Parashar, dismissed rumors of a NEET paper leak as erroneous.

Question Paper Leak from NEET in Gujarat and Bihar
Tushar Bhatt and Arif Vora were sent to police detention till May 22 in a similar case in Godhra, Uttar Pradesh, for their roles in NEET test cheating. Police found Parasuram Roy, the director of Roy Overseas Coaching in Vadodara, after conducting further inquiries. Sanjeev Mukhiya, who was previously detained for similar offenses, is becoming more and more important in the 2024 NEET paper leak investigation.

A day before the test, more than 35 applicants in Bihar received their NEET question papers. Over a dozen persons have been detained thus far, four of them are examinees and their families.

Following the discovery of the NEET 2024 fraud in areas like as Gujarat and Bihar, applicants are now calling for a new test to be administered. Nevertheless, NTA has not made any formal declaration about the rescheduling of the NEET UG 2024 test. Over 24 lakh applicants took the NEET UG 2024 exam this year. On May 5, the admission test was held.

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