Nitish Kumar's sulking aide recalls a challenge from 1994 in "Same Share That"

Nitish Kumar's sulking aide recalls a challenge from 1994 in "Same Share That"

Upendra Kushwaha, the disgruntled head of the JD(U) parliamentary board, compared his uprising on Tuesday to the challenge Nitish Kumar, the then-chief minister of Bihar, had issued to Lalu Yadav, the leader of the RJD, thirty years before.

Speaking to reporters in Patna, the rebellious leader emphasised that while he had "boundless veneration" (agaadh shraddha) for Mr. Kumar, he could no longer act on his own initiative, leaving JD(U) vulnerable.

"I've been asked to elaborate on what I meant when I said that I owned a piece of the party (hissa). I'm doing it right now "ex-Union minister Kushwaha stated with rhetorical flair.

When Lalu Yadav refused to pay our leader his due, Nitish Kumar sought the same share at the infamous rally in 1994, the guy stated.

Mr. Kushwaha was alluding to the Patna "Luv Kush" demonstration, which was attended by a sizable number of Kurmis and Koeris who were up in arms about what they saw to be the numerically dominant Yadav hegemony that Mr. Yadav, who was then in charge of Bihar, embodied.

The tone for Mr. Kumar's departure from the unified Janata Dal and pursuit of an independent political path was established by his attendance at the gathering.

After merging his Rashtriya Lok Samata Party, Mr. Kushwaha rejoined the JD(U) in March 2017. He bemoaned the lack of authority he had in his position as head of the parliamentary board.

He said the message was nothing more than a "jhunjhuna" (child's rattle).

He also called the legislative council membership he received shortly after returning to JD a "lollipop" (U).

"I've already surrendered my seats in the Union Council of Ministers and the Rajya Sabha.

If the party decides that these are significant advantages granted to me, it may revoke my party position and remove me from the list of MLCs "He said adamantly.

In contrast to 2013, when the JD(U) initially split from the BJP, Mr. Kushwaha said that "the spectre of dissolution now weighs big over our party."

When asked whether he believed the danger came from a resurgent RJD led by Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav, he avoided giving a clear response.

"However, I must draw attention to the fact that the Chief Minister has consistently claimed in his own public pronouncements that all of his actions—including his realignment with the BJP in 2017 and his choice of election candidates—have been at the whim of others. The issue is there. He is not using his own discretion."

Additionally, Mr. Kushwaha said that the highly underprivileged classes are becoming more and more dissatisfied with JD (U).

Mr. Kushwaha said that the local government attempted to cover up the assault on his convoy that occurred in the Bhojpur district on Monday and requested the personal involvement of either the director general of police or the chief secretary.