Nitish not getting along with the BJP; Tejashwi Yadav will bring forward something significant in Bihar

PATNA: RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav said on Thursday that “something major” would happen in Bihar, where chief minister Nitish Kumar seemed to be “not going along well” with ally BJP, after the release of the Lok Sabha results. Speaking with reporters here, Yadav said that Kumar’s sudden comeback to the NDA in January of this year cost him his position as Deputy Chief Minister.

Yadav brought up a statement he had made a few days before, saying, “Ever since I made the prediction that Chacha (uncle) will take a big decision after Lok Sabha polls, he has not been going out to campaign.”.

“I’ve also discovered that the governor is the one giving orders and conducting meetings with officials. The RJD leader said, “On the election front, the BJP and the JD (U) are concentrating on their respective states, with no synergy.”

“All these things confirm my apprehension that after June 4, Bihar is going to witness something big (kucch bada),”  Yadav said.

It’s interesting to note that since Kumar left the RJD-led “Mahagathbandhan,” the party leader has avoided taking direct aim at the JD (U) president.

The youthful leader has often tried to wade into the tumultuous NDA during the elections. The RJD leader said that the JD (U) chief wanted the BJP to lose and that “his blessings are with me” despite the dissolution of the coalition after illness forced him to cancel his trip to Varanasi, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi was submitting his nomination papers.

“By the time the campaign for the final phase comes to an end, I will have addressed 251 election meetings,” said the youthful leader, who has been campaigning while using a wheelchair and a belt around his wounded back with pride.

“The India bloc is poised for a spectacular victory,” he said. The coalition may get more than 300 seats. The three things that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be defeated by are unemployment, price increases, and poverty (teen mehbooba).

Regarding Modi’s intended trip to Kanyakumari for an extended meditation session, Yadav said, “It’s possible that he’s going to promote himself by having himself photographed.” That being said, he shouldn’t use the media to promote himself. He is free to meditate for as long as he wants, but he must not bring obstacles (baadha).”

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