Over 80 people are bitten by a stray dog in Arrah, Bihar, during its biting rampage

Over 80 people are bitten by a stray dog in Arrah, Bihar, during its biting rampage

According to authorities, a stray dog reportedly attacked more than 80 persons in the Bihar city of Arrah on Friday. Locals claim that victims who presented with dog bite cases to the Arrah district hospital were all bitten by the same dog.

"About 80 patients with dog attacks have visited the district hospital in Arrah. Ten to twelve of the patients are kids. The victims are provided first assistance, "According to Dr. Navneet Kumar Chaudhary, a hospital physician.

After the incident came to light, the stray dog was subsequently beaten to death.

According to accounts, on Thursday night, residents of the Dudh Katora neighborhood of the city beat the dog to death with clubs and rods.

Officials claim that a team from the neighborhood civic organization was deployed to capture the dog. However, the villagers had already killed the dog by the time the crew arrived at the scene.

Locals beat the dog to death at 12 o'clock in the evening before the team could arrive, according to District Officer Rajkumar.

Locals said that the rabies-infected dog had caused dread in several Arrah city neighborhoods. About 110 to 120 residents in the area, including ladies and older persons, were attacked or hurt. A few persons received hospital admissions after suffering severe injuries.

The health administration was informed as soon as patients began to arrive at Ara Sadar Hospital.

The camp was set up on the Sadar Hospital grounds despite the fact that it was a holiday because of Republic Day, according to the district officer's directives, according to Kaushal Dubey, manager of the Arrah Sadar Hospital.

"It was discovered that 86 individuals had had rabies vaccinations. The camp will still go on tomorrow. Those who are still available may come to get the injection tomorrow "Added he.