Patna High Court asked to bring Sahara chief Subrata Roy, after three hours, the Supreme Court imposed a stay

Patna High Court asked to bring Sahara chief Subrata Roy, after three hours, the Supreme Court imposed a stay

Sahara chief Subrata Roy got a big relief from the Supreme Court on Friday. The top court put an interim stay within three hours on the order of the Patna High Court to arrest him and produce him in the court on May 16. The Sahara chief was ordered by the Patna High Court to be present physically on Friday.

High court ordered to be caught under all circumstances, Supreme Court stayed

When Subrata Roy did not appear in the court, the High Court ordered the DGP of Bihar at around 10:30 on Friday to arrest Subrata Roy on May 16 and present him in the court. The court also ordered the police commissioners of UP and New Delhi to help the DGP of Bihar for this. But, hearing the petition filed by the Sahara chief on Tuesday, the Supreme Court put an interim stay on his appearance in the Patna High Court. The matter will now be heard in the Supreme Court on May 19.

Patna High Court verdict

A single bench of Patna High Court Judge Sandeep Kumar gave this direction while hearing more than two thousand intervention petitions filed on Friday regarding payment of money deposited by consumers in various schemes of Sahara India. Earlier, while hearing on April 27 and April 12, the court had directed Sahara chief Subroto Roy to appear in the High Court on May 12 to explain how and for how long the money deposited by the investors of Bihar in various companies of Sahara was paid. will go.

Petition filed by Subroto Roy

Three petitions were filed in the High Court on behalf of Subroto Roy regarding the problem of his health and safety, which the court refused to accept. A large number of police forces were deployed around the High Court for Subroto Roy to appear in the High Court. Despite this, Subrata Roy did not appear in the court.

Court said, no one is above the law

The court said that the application made by Subrata Roy for exemption from appearance in the court citing his health and safety is not acceptable. But Mr. Roy's non-appearance in the court even after the court order proves that he does not have respect for the court's order. The single bench said that no one is above the law. Everyone should follow the court order. Lawyers are constantly being changed on behalf of Sahara, so that Subrata Roy can get some relief, but he has not got relief so far. Earlier, the district administration has been informed by the High Court administration to provide them security.

tight security arrangements

Along with Friday, the security arrangements were tight for his presence in the High Court on Thursday and before Monday as well. Despite this, Mr. Roy did not appear in the court and various excuses were made. In the earlier hearing, the court had sought information from Sahara's lawyer that he should tell the court that by when and how he would get the full money of the investors of Bihar. Even after the instructions of the court, no information was given clearly from Sahara, then the court got angry and gave this direction.

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Cylinder blast due to gas leak, property worth one lakh burnt to ashes

Cylinder blast due to gas leak, property worth one lakh burnt to ashes

Due to a leak in the gas cylinder, a sudden cylinder blast occurred late on Friday evening in Basdila Chickens Tola of Nagar police station area. The house caught fire after the cylinder exploded. The fire was so terrible that within a few minutes the property worth one lakh kept inside the house was burnt to ashes.

It is said that Rama Kunwar, a resident of Basdila Chicken Tola, was cooking food with his children at home. Meanwhile, suddenly the gas cylinder exploded due to a leak in the gas cylinder. The woman and her children narrowly escaped the accident. The explosion of the cylinder blast was so strong that people were shocked to see the flames in the sky. There was no casualty due to the wisdom of the people in this incident. Self. Birbal Baitha's wife along with her three small children kept watching with her own eyes as everything was ruined. In the incident fire, utensils, cash, and other items kept inside the house were burnt to ashes. After getting the information, the Sadar CO and local public representatives reached the spot and took stock of the damage, and started the process of getting compensation to the victim's family.

Baikunthpur: In the Safiabad village of the Baikunthpur police station area, there was a fierce fight between two sides over the old enmity. 10 people were injured in the fighting from both sides. The injured include Pramod Kumar, Sidhu Kumari, Subodh Kumar, Parmeshwar Sah, Malti Devi, and Baby Kumari on one side. Laxman Sah, Neeraj Kumar, Kamalavati Kunwar, and Laxmina Devi of the other side were injured. Among the injured, Pramod Kumar, Sidhu Kumari, and Malti Kumari have been referred to Sadar Hospital Gopalganj in critical condition. The other injured are being treated at the Community Health Centre. According to the injured, on May 25, an incident of assault took place between the two sides. On receiving information about the incident, the police reached the hospital and recorded the statements of both parties. The matter was being investigated on the basis of the statement recorded by the police. In the meantime, the incident of assault happened again on Saturday. On receiving the information, the local police are investigating the matter.

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