Seven children drowned in Munger, who went to bathe in the Ganges, four were rescued

Seven children drowned in Munger, who went to bathe in the Ganges, four were rescued

Seven children drowned during a bath on Wednesday afternoon at Ganga Ghat located in Maya Panchayat of Mufassil police station area of ​​Munger district, out of which four children were rescued safely.

  • The three children are not known.
  • After the incident, there was a stir in the entire panchayat, the people of the village have reached the ghat.
  • SDRF team reached as soon as the information was received.
  • SDRF team is searching for the three children.
  • It's been almost two hours, but no one has been found. Local MLA Pranav Yadav, Sadar CO, is the local chief at Ganga Ghat.
  • In this incident, Prem Kumar, eight-year-old son of Lalan Shah of Sikandarpur panchayat, Rakesh Kumar, six-year-old son of Vikram Shah and Aditya Kumar, 12-year-old son of Chandrashekhar Yadav, house is not being traced.
  • The search is on for the three children. A net has also been installed.
  • Police administration has reached the spot. 
  • The relatives are in a bad condition.

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100 Yeras of Bihar Vidhan Shabha: From zamindari abolition to prohibition, the country showed the way, some memories buried in the chest

100 Yeras of Bihar Vidhan Shabha: From zamindari abolition to prohibition, the country showed the way, some memories buried in the chest

I am the Bihar Vidhan Sabha Bhawan. I remember that day on 7th February 1921, when the first meeting of the Legislative Assembly was held under my shadow for the first time. Then my name was 'Bihar-Orissa Legislative Council' building. Today, after a hundred years, all the memories of the past are swirling in me. Every single incident is passing in front of the eyes like a movie. Before independence, for the first time, the indigenous spinning wheel was talked about in promoting indigenous industries. This spinning wheel was later included by Gandhiji in his mass movement. I am a witness to many historical events from before independence till today. We have seen many rounds of historic decisions from zamindari abolition to prohibition and so forth, which have shown the way to the country from time to time. Yes, I also have some painful memories in my chest, which I want to forget.

Today the President laid the foundation stone of the Centenary Pillar

Today my centenary celebrations were celebrated with great pomp. I was waiting for its historic moments for a long time. President Ram Nath Kovind had come to Patna on Wednesday to attend the ceremony. The President laid the foundation stone of the Centenary Pillar in my premises today. The glorious history of Bihar will be shown on this centenary pillar. President Kovind has an old relationship with me. Before becoming the President, he used to visit me as the Governor of Bihar. He also planted a small sapling of the sacred Bodhi tree in my premises.

I am proud of my simplicity, beauty and grandeur

Today the first thing about my construction. Under the Government of India Act 1919, the British gave full state status to Bihar and Orissa in 2020. After this Lord Satyendra Prasanna Sinha became the first Governor of Bihar. I was shaped in 1920 when the need of a Council Secretariat for a separate state was felt. I was built by architect AM Millwood in the Italian Renaissance style. Further, by the act of 1935, when the Bihar Legislature was divided into two parts (Vidhan Sabha and Vidhan Parishad), the assembly started running in my council part. A separate new and smaller part was created for the Legislative Council adjacent to it. Later, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar expanded mine and built a Central Hall, in which the meetings of the joint session of the Legislature are held. I am proud of its combination of simplicity and grandeur, influenced by the Roman style. It was the British who built me, But my rectangular hall is in a semi-circular shape on the lines of the Roman amphitheater, separate from the British Parliament. I only feel that I am beautiful, people say that my appearance is of Indo-Saracenic style

Earlier there were 331 members, now reduced to 243 MLAs

There are three halls in my campus and 12 rooms in the middle. The biggest room belongs to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Leader of Opposition Tejashwi Yadav's room is on the first floor. In the first assembly after independence in 1952, 331 members used to sit in my hall which increased to 324 in 1977. With the bifurcation of Bihar in the year 2000, Jharkhand became a separate state, then the members of the Legislative Assembly were reduced to 243

The decisions taken under my shadow showed the way to the country

Be it the Abolition of Zamindari or the law to give equal rights to women, many decisions taken under my shadow have shown the way to the country. It started in my first meeting on February 7, 1921, when Satyendra Prasanna Sinha, the first Governor of Bihar-Odisha, appealed to the country to adopt indigenous spinning wheel to promote indigenous industries. Later it was converted into a mass movement by Mahatma Gandhi.

The law of abolition of zamindari became an example in the country

I have seen the foundation of the first constitutional amendment of the country. Soon after the independence of the country, in 1947 itself, the first Chief Minister of the state, Shri Krishna Singh, created history by passing the 'Bihar State Lives Land Act' for the landless poor. This law became an example in the whole country. Further, in 1950, when the Bihar Land Reforms Act, which abolished zamindari was passed for the first time in the country, my chest was wide with pride. This law became the inspiration for the Consolidation Act passed by the central government, which fixed the maximum land holding limit. I thought that now no poor will remain landless in Bihar, but why this has not happened till now, discuss this sometime again.

Unprecedented event of Rabri Devi becoming Chief Minister

With time, the period of emergency came and went. Rabri Devi after Lalu Prasad Yadav became the Chief Minister of Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan and was imprisoned in the Fodder Scam. ) also remembers becoming the Chief Minister. This was also an unprecedented event of its kind in the history of the country. With Kalachakra, I saw the end of Lalu's era, so now I am also seeing a strong opposition in Lalu-Rabri's son Tejashwi Yadav.

First given women reservation in Panchayati Raj

After Lalu Raj, Bihar became the first state in the country, which made arrangements for women's reservation in Panchayati Raj. I am a witness to the Bihar Panchayati Raj Act of 2006 giving 50 percent reservation to women in Panchayati Raj. Later this decision was implemented by many other states of the country as well. Today, there is a massive change being seen by giving reservation to women in Panchayats. Further in the year 2019, 33 percent reservation was given to women in government jobs as well. Women have been empowered by these decisions. However, crime statistics show that atrocities on them are not decreasing. My heart weeps when such matters are discussed in the assembly sessions

Liquor prohibition law showed a new path to the country

Alcohol is considered a major reason for women's crimes and atrocities on them even in homes. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar understood this. Then, on March 30, 2016, when the law of Prohibition was enacted, the heart rose up. Complete prohibition is in force in Bihar. This has certainly improved the condition of women, but the difficulties in implementing the prohibition law have also not diminished. Its echo has also been heard under my roof

I was also a witness to these historic decisions

I am a witness to the Bihar Right to Public Services Act and Bihar Public Grievance Redressal Right Act of the year 2019. In the same year, when I saw the beginning of Jal Jeevan Hariyali Abhiyan, a proposal to give special status to Bihar was also passed. It is a different matter that now the government does not want special status for Bihar. It was in the year 2019 itself, when the big resolution to not implement the Citizenship Amendment Act in Bihar was unanimously passed under my roof.

Some painful memories, better to forget

I also have some painful memories in my chest. Some stains, which are better to forget. I don't want to discuss them, but I just can't forget a recent incident. Isn't it fresh, maybe that's why. During the last budget session of the assembly, there was a ruckus under my roof. During the proceedings of the assembly, on 23 March, the police had to be called due to the uproar by the MLAs of the opposition.

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