The big incident in the midst of Durga Puja in the capital Patna

The big incident in the midst of Durga Puja in the capital Patna

Heavy security arrangements have been made for Durga Puja in the capital Patna. Meanwhile, the sensation has spread in Patna due to the murder of an old man and a young man. The incident is from Maner in Patna. On Sunday night, two people were shot dead by miscreants in different areas of Maner. The old man has been identified as 62-year-old Arvind Kumar and the youth as Manish Kumar. Due to the sound from the sound box in Dussehra, people could not hear the sound of the bullet. The police, who reached the spot late in the night, sent both the bodies for post-mortem.

The first incident is from Dostnagar of Maner police station area. A youth named Manish Kumar was murdered around 9:30 on Sunday night. Manish used to drive the vehicle. He was standing in front of his house. Meanwhile, armed criminals shot Manish one after the other, killing him on the spot. Manish's father Awadhesh Rai told that Manish was the driver. Here, according to the police, the family members have not registered any case regarding the incident.

Old man shot at Tajpur Chowk

The second incident is from Tajpur Chowk in the Maner police station area. At around 12 o'clock on Sunday night, aged Arvind Kumar (62 years) was shot dead by miscreants. Arvind Kumar was on his way to his house from Durga Mandir near Tajpur Chowk. Meanwhile, the criminals shot him. The bullet had hit the thigh. Arvind Kumar collapsed on the spot after being shot. With the help of local people, Arvind Kumar was taken to the hospital. There was too much blood. The doctor declared him dead. Till late at night, the police had not received the application from the family members. However, the police are still investigating from this level.

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