The people of Hariya and Kashibari villages are afraid of river erosion

The people of Hariya and Kashibari villages are afraid of river erosion

The villagers are frightened by the erosion happening near Hariya and Kashibari village wards numbers 5 and 6 of Raiber Panchayat. The Kankai river passes near this village, as well as floods in this area come and go every year. In the villages situated on the banks of the river, the biggest problem is the erosion by the rivers, not the floods.

People get scared because of the intermittent rain. Reminds me of the last flood. Last year, the Kankai river was flooded due to heavy rains in the Nepal region. Due to this, there was severe erosion and the houses of dozens of families were merged. Hundreds of families have been displaced by the Kankai river erosion in the last five years. The way the river erosion continues, if the anti-erosion work is not started soon, then this time also dozens of families may be in the grip of river erosion, the chief representative Mo Saddam told the people who remember last year that there was a sudden flood last year. ruined everything. People were living by making shelters on the embankments and on the roads. The paddy crop in the fields was ruined. Due to this time also people are stunned by the fear of floods.


Water is visible everywhere instead of crops in the fields.

---------------------------- People say that when there is a flood every year, there is no plan ahead of time to avoid it. Is made If work had been done by making a concrete action plan, then there would not have been so much wastage. Farmers feed their families only by cultivating paddy. Somehow they are able to pay fees for the education of the children. From the marriage of the daughter to the education of the children in the farmer's house, all are done by selling the paddy crop. But the catastrophic floods that came last time ruined the budget of the farmers for the whole year. The plight of the farmers is such that every year hundreds of farmers leave agriculture and leave for Punjab and Delhi to feed their families.

----------------------------- The problem of fodder in front of the animals

-------------------------------- At the time of the flood, the problem of fodder has arisen in front of the animals. There is a severe shortage of straw etc. Those whose houses had straw were also ruined by the flood waters. A large number of people, including the villagers of Hariya village situated on the banks of the Kankai river, including Badrul Alam, Jabir Alam, Bablu Alam, and Sarbul Alam, have demanded the officials of the concerned department conduct anti-erosion work at the earliest.

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