This Bihar candidate is using a donkey to campaign for the Lok Sabha elections; he has a reason for making this unusual decision. WATCH

During elections, politicians experiment with various tactics to win over voters, and sometimes they even choose to draw attention from the public in an unconventional manner. In Gopalganj, Bihar, one such strange election campaign had a candidate going door-to-door on a donkey.


Riding a donkey, Satyendra Baitha is an independent candidate campaigning door-to-door for the Gopalganj Lok Sabha constituency. He is a native of the hamlet of Gopalganj, Shyampur.

He also rode a donkey to submit his candidacy papers for the Lok Sabha, drawing a lot of attention.

In response to a question about his unconventional campaign strategy, Baitha states: “I have chosen to campaign by riding a donkey since the cost of gasoline and fuel is expensive and cannot be afforded by many people, including myself. I even traveled to the collectorate on a donkey in order to submit my nomination paperwork.

When Baitha arrives on a donkey, a lot of people come out of their homes to have a look.

“I want to open a sugar mill in the district and also want to open a university,” Baitha responds when asked about his top goals in the event that he wins the election. My first focus is also on sanitation. Previous elections have been won by several candidates. They were hardly absent from the district for five years after their electoral victory. They used to reside in Patna or Delhi. I live here and am open to the public at all times.

In Gopalganj, polling for the sixth phase of the Lok Sabha elections is scheduled for May 25. For the Gopalganj (SC reserved) seat, the INDIA bloc has nominated Chanchal Kumar Paswan, while the NDA has put forward Alok Kumar Suman.

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