This Bihar man was formerly unemployed, but he now makes over Rs 25 lakh a year

One of the most lucrative industries, fish farming offers farmers substantial profits. Few people are drawn to organic farming because they don’t see the potential in it. Ashutosh Kumar Singh, however, chose to go against the grain and devote his time, labor, and resources to fish farming in Patwara village, Banka district. He now makes about Rs 25 lakh a year. In fifteen bighas, he constructed five ponds and began raising fish there. For the last 10 years, Ashutosh Kumar Singh has been involved in fish farming.

Ashutosh Kumar Singh had a period of unemployment. He was not being paid. He made the decision to raise fish on a plot of fifteen bighas after understanding the fundamentals of fish farming. He started off with significant loses since he didn’t get any instruction. He faced the setback, enrolled in online classes, and began fish farming from the beginning. Ashutosh Kumar Singh raises fish for Katla, Mrigal, IMC Rohu, and Silan in his five ponds.

Fish farming, according to Ashutosh, may provide significant profits from Silan and Indian Major Carp (IMC) species. One kilogram of Silan fish requires around Rs 80–90 in raising expenses. Seelan fish are ready for sale in 7 to 8 months, but IMC Rohu fish need 13 months to reproduce. The price of silan fish is Rs 110. Fish of the IMC breed is offered for Rs 250 per kilogram.

The farmer, Ashutosh Kumar Singh, recommended applying 15 kg of lime per acre to the pond at intervals of 15 days while discussing preventive measures for fish farming. In order to prevent infection in the fish, he suggests using 400 grams of potassium permanganate per acre. He said, “You can also use 500 milligrams of water sanitizer per acre.”

It is necessary to cease applying lime and chemical fertilizers if the water in the pond becomes too green. He recommends dissolving 800 grams of copper sulfate in water before using it. For every kilogram of additional feed, add 5–10 grams of salt to prevent the fish against fungal illness. Farmers should provide fish more food for one week straight each month. According to Ashutosh Kumar, he engages in agricultural and fish seed sales in addition to fish farming.

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