Voting in Mokama, Gopalganj on November 3, results will come on 6, know who can be the candidate

Voting in Mokama, Gopalganj on November 3, results will come on 6, know who can be the candidate

By-elections are to be held in the Gopalganj and Mokama assembly seats of Bihar. Election dates have been announced. Voting for the by-elections in both the seats will be held on November 3 and the results will be declared on November 6. The last date for nomination is 14 October. This is the first by-election being held in Bihar after the NDA government broke down and the Grand Alliance government was formed. It is being seen as a semi-final before 2024.

BJP MLA from Gopalganj and a minister in the Bihar government, Subhash Singh was ill for a long time. After his death, a by-election is being held on this seat. He was winning four consecutive times. This is the traditional seat of the BJP. In the by-election, his wife can make Kusum Devi the BJP candidate. BJP will try its best to win this seat through a sympathy vote. Gopalganj is also the home district of Lalu Yadav. In terms of the caste equation, the position of the Grand Alliance is looking good here. JDU can contest elections for this seat. According to sources, Manjit Singh can be made the candidate. He is a former MLA.

Anant Singh's membership canceled from the Mokama seat

Bahubali Anant Singh was the MLA from Mokama. He has been punished for possessing arms and has lost his membership, so the by-election is being held. RJD can field his wife Neelam Devi from here. This is a Bhumihar-dominated area from where Anant Singh was winning continuously. Whom BJP will make a candidate for this seat has not been decided yet. Only a Bhumihar can be made a BJP candidate here. By the way, BJP does not have any strong face here at the local level.

By making Vijay Sinha the leader of the opposition, BJP has tried to send a message to the Bhumihar community, but it will be a matter of seeing how much benefit it will get in this by-election. Bihar BJP spokesperson Dr. Ram Sagar Singh is an old BJP leader. Continuously working on the ground. According to sources, he is also engaged to get tickets. Let us inform you that Mokama is a seat of prestige for JDU's national president and MP Lalan Singh, but his relations with Anant Singh are not good. In such a situation, JDU will easily give this seat to RJD, it will also be a matter to be seen.

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