68 pieces Technology is key to the success of Indian businesses in sustainability: Report

May 14, New Delhi: According to a new survey released on Tuesday, 68% of Indian organizations depend on technology to create sustainability success, driven by consumer demand.

In a study conducted in association with Microsoft, the IT infrastructure services provider Kyndryl found that roughly 56% of Indian organizations use digital tools for hybrid work strategies and 55% use automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to increase productivity, lessen their environmental impact, and establish sustainable operations.

“Technological innovation is being used by forward-thinking businesses to successfully achieve sustainability goals and comply with regulations. Faith Taylor, Chief Sustainability and ESG Officer at Kyndryl, said, “They are using technology to innovate, meet consumer expectations, and save costs—thereby realizing sustainability’s full potential.

throughout 16 countries throughout Asia, Europe, and the US, 1,523 company executives in the technology and sustainability sectors were questioned for the research.

Furthermore, the study found that consumers (60%) were the most powerful stakeholders in favor of sustainability, followed by staff members (52%) and supply chain partners (40%).

Approximately 28% of organizations employ artificial intelligence (AI) to find scope three threats via public sources, suggesting that there is an increasing demand for understanding of the environmental effect that extends beyond direct operations.

According to Ullrich Loeffler, Co-Founder & CEO of Ecosystm, “India aims to reduce the carbon intensity of an economy by 45 per cent by 2030 — this will require collective action from governments, industries, enterprises, and individuals.”

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