According to WB President Ajay Banga, India is taking several steps to maintain its lead throughout the global slowdown

According to World Bank President Ajay Banga, India is doing a number of things that are enabling it to remain ahead of the curve during periods of a global slowdown.

The first Indian-American to lead the top financial institution in the world told reporters at a talent center in Dwarka that India has overcome the obstacles presented by the epidemic, but the momentum has to be sustained.

In the midst of a global downturn, “India is doing a number of things that are assisting it in staying ahead. The huge proportion of the GDP that is generated domestically is one feature that works in India’s favor. India has successfully overcome the difficulties caused by the epidemic, but the pace must be kept up, he added.

When asked about the potential expansion of high-paying employment in India, Banga said, “We need to identify where these occupations are. Then, they are in manufacturing. There are relatively few in technology. India today has the chance to profit from the China plus approach. When supply chains start moving or add another place that will need work, this opportunity won’t be available for ten years; it will close in three to five.

Banga, 63, became the first person of color to lead either of the two major international financial organizations, the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund, when he assumed the position of president of the World Bank last month.

Banga is in India for the first time since becoming leadership of the international lender.

He engaged with students at the GMR Varalakshmi Centre for Empowerment and Livelihoods when he was there.

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