Actor's stepmother Supriya Pathak, openly spoke on her relationship with Shahid Kapoor's wife Meera, said- I don't seem to be a mother-in-law

Actor's stepmother Supriya Pathak, openly spoke on her relationship with Shahid Kapoor's wife Meera, said- I don't seem to be a mother-in-law

Shahid Kapoor also has a good bond with his step-mother Supriya Pathak. Now recently, Supriya has spoken openly on her bonding with Shahid and his wife Mira Rajput. On her first meeting with Shahid, Supriya said that when she met the actor, Shahid was only 6 years old. Supriya told that she can always depend on Shahid and loves him very much.

Supriya actually told Pinkvilla in an interview, 'We met as a friend. I was his father's friend and stayed the same because we have never been together. She is one on whom I can always depend. I love Shahid very much. On her relationship with Shahid, Supriya said, 'I can say so much about our relationship that I have full faith in him.'

This is said about daughter-in-law

Supriya further said about daughter-in-law Meera Rajput that between the two is not like mother-in-law but bond like friend. He said, I am like Meera's friend. We both like shopping together. We go to lunch and dinner together. Meera Kell does not seem to think that I am her mother-in-law, meaning that there has never been a feeling like her mother-in-law. Meera has raised her children very well. Shahid and Meera's children are very cute. Jain (son of Shahid) is my life. I love spending time with my granddaughter.

Meera is Neelima Azim's favorite

At the same time, Shahid's mother Neelima also likes Meera a lot. He had praised Meera a few days ago in an interview and said, "Meera is more of a friend to me than a daughter-in-law." She is very intelligent, as well as understands things well. She is not among those who need attention. He is an idiot and has good values.

Although Shahid and Meera have had an arranged marriage, but Meera has handled Shahid and his family quite well. Apart from this, she also handles Shahid's professional life very well. Meera has also made a lot of changes in herself. He has started paying a lot of attention to his looks and fitness. Not only this, Meera also keeps sharing her glamorous photos on social media.

Shahid's professional life

Talking about Shahid's professional life, he will now be seen in the film Jersey. In this film, he will play the role of a cricketer. Mrinal Thakur and Pankaj Kapoor will be seen alongside Shahid in the film.

Why is the price of copper rising so fast in the world, including India, in the midst of the Corona crisis?

Why is the price of copper rising so fast in the world, including India, in the midst of the Corona crisis?

There is a record boom in the commodity market globally. Apart from steel, aluminum, copper is also doing business at a record level. On Thursday, the price of copper in the international market has crossed a record $ 10,000 per ton. The price of Shanghai copper has also reached the highest level in the past 10 years. Copper futures are also at record highs in the past decade in London, amid concerns over supply and weak dollar.

Information and agencies related to the commodity market say that in the coming time, the price of copper will see a boom. There are several reasons for this record boom in copper. For example, economic recovery has been seen worldwide, industrial copper consumption has increased in China, and Chile, which produces about a quarter of the global copper, has announced a tax of 75 per cent on its mining. Apart from this, due to the increasing trend of electric vehicles, the demand for copper is increasing.

If we talk about the Indian market, the price of copper was at the highest level till last week. Copper futures on Thursday were up 0.53 per cent at Rs 765.10 per kg. Copper futures for May delivery on the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) gained Rs 4, ie 0.53 per cent. The demand for copper has increased in India too.

Why is the copper price rising so fast?

1. Demand more and supply less: Sometime ago the Chilean Port Workers and Mining Association opposed a bill by the government. In fact, the Chilean government had introduced a new bill, under which workers were asked to block premature withdrawal from their pension funds for the third time.

About a quarter of the total global copper production comes from Chile. After the opposition of the association and the workers, the copper supply decreased and prices increased.

Apart from this, due to Kovid-19 in South America, many major commodity exports like iron ore and copper have been affected. Even in America, the importance of copper is seen as a raw material in Joe Biden's infrastructure plan.

However, in terms of supply, copper output in Peru has gone up by about 19 percent during the month of March. Globally, there has been some relief from this.

2. Less inventory: There has been a sharp decline in registered copper inventories on the London Metal Exchange. Analysts estimate that there has been a downward trend in this. As of 26 April 2021, the copper inventory at the London Metal Exchange was only 1,55,100 tonnes. In the second fortnight last month, it has reduced by 10 per cent.

3. Demand increased: Construction activities in China have increased this year. After this, the demand for copper in China has also increased. Let us know that half of the total consumption of copper in the world is from China. Analysts say that China consumes the most copper and now demand has increased due to large scale construction here. This is also a reason why the price of copper is getting faster.

A boom in economic development is now being expected in America. It will also have an impact on global economies. In the era of Kovid-19 crisis, countries around the world have announced an incentive package. On the other hand, good news is also coming about the corona vaccine. Both these factors have affected the price of copper.

4. Green Infrastructure: Demand for electric vehicles is increasing worldwide to reduce carbon footprint and promote the use of clean energy. Electric vehicles use twice as much copper as internal combustion engines. In such a situation, with the increase in demand for electric vehicles, the demand for copper will also increase.

What is the estimate of agencies?

In a recent report by Goldman Sachs, estimates say that by 2025, copper prices can reach $ 15,000 per tonne. The report titled 'Copper is the new oil' says that banks believe that by 2030, the annual demand for copper will rise by 900 per cent from the current level to 87 lakh tonnes.

Trading houses Trafigura Group and Bank of America also believe that copper prices have increased. Bank of America says that in the coming months, the price of copper can reach $ 13,000 per tonne.

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