Adani Group is expected to make a significant investment in Gautam Adani’s company, which aims to raise Rs 215000000000

The Adani Group, headed by Gautam Adani, is allegedly in discussions to get finance above Rs 215000000000 with sovereign funds in West Asia. The firm intends to grow in airport and green energy projects around the nation as it quickly recovers from the Hindenburg debacle. According to a Business Standard article, Gautam Adani’s Adani Group wants to raise more than Rs 21500 crore to expand significantly in the green energy industry. It is said that the conglomerate has proceeded to an advanced stage in the discussions.

According to a report by Business Standard that cited people with knowledge of the process, Adani Enterprises, a significant Adani Group company, is expected to reduce its ownership in the airport-holding company, the green hydrogen business, or both in exchange for investment cash. As a result, no hypothetical budgetary schedule has been proposed.

In an attempt to attract new investors, Adani Group has held a number of roadshows in London, Dubai, and Singapore in recent weeks. By March 2024, the group hopes to achieve an EBITDA of Rs 80000 crore.

Adani Group received a significant amount of money from many titans, such as Qatar Investment Authority, TotalEnergies, and GQG Partners, after suffering a setback after the Hindenburg tragedy. The company also said that as part of its seven trillion rupee spending plan for the next ten years, it will be investing Rs 62400 crore in Maharashtra and Telangana.

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