Adobe is providing free Firefly generative AI capabilities for Android and iPhones

Adobe is now expanding the capabilities of its Firefly generative AI model to mobile devices, having made it commercially accessible in September. The business has upgraded the Adobe Express app for iOS and Android, enabling generative AI on mobile devices. This implies that mobile phones will now be able to access the functions that were previously only available on big screens.
People may use the new Adobe Express software on their phones to generate banners, posters, and social media postings, among other things. It is now available for a free trial in beta.

Smartphone users will have access to fast and easy video editing options, along with Firefly Generative Fill, Text to Image, and Text Effects.
Following the conclusion of beta testing, a subscription will be required to access the premium services, which will provide users with access to all desktop and mobile Adobe Express products.
Processing Adobe Firefly GenAI features on the cloud
Rather than on the device, generative AI characteristics will be processed on the cloud. It should be mentioned that not every smartphone can run the latest beta.
“Premium features are free to use during the beta. The new Adobe Express app is available for Android users to download in beta via the Google Play store. iOS users may register here, and Adobe will walk chosen participants through the process since Apple has limited the number of beta users.
Important features of the Adobe Express mobile app
Text to Image: Uses Firefly generative AI to produce visuals.
Using language prompts, generative fill is a tool for adding, removing, and replacing people, objects, and more.
Text Effects: Using generative AI, create compelling headlines, copy, and messages with text style.
Video: Create original films with pre-made themes, blend together music, photos, and video clips, add animations, and instantly create subtitles in more than 100 languages.
Quick Actions: Edit photographs and movies, resize images with a single click, and remove backgrounds.

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