Advice from Apple: Avoid using the rice ‘jugaad’ on an iPhone that has been submerged in water

Have you ever unintentionally taken your iPhone for a swim? or dropped it into the sea and trembled, wondering what to do next? There is a myth—and it really is a myth—that submerging your iPhone in rice would make it work better. We’re not claiming it’s a myth, but Apple has cast doubt on such assertions.
In a kind but forceful support website, Apple refuted the rice myth.

“Avoid putting your iPhone inside a rice bag. According to Apple on the support website, “doing so could allow small particles of rice to damage your iPhone.” Although rice may absorb some moisture from the surface, it won’t get to the hidden water that has seeped into the phone’s interior cracks. Furthermore, those microscopic grains have the ability to travel into apertures and ports, which presents a whole new set of issues.

Additionally, avoid using compressed air or an external heat source to dry your iPhone. Additionally, according to Apple, avoid sticking extraneous objects into the connection, such paper towels or cotton swabs.
How should you handle a wet iPhone?
Apple outlines a few recommendations for you to follow. First, to get rid of extra moisture, gently tap your iPhone on your palm with the connector pointing down. Keep your iPhone somewhere dry and open to the air. Try attaching an accessory or using a Lightning or USB-C connection to charge after at least thirty minutes. There may still be liquid in the connection or under the pins of your cable if you receive a liquid warning once again. For up to a day, keep your iPhone in a dry place with sufficient ventilation. During this time, you may attempt to connect or charge an accessory once more. To completely dry, it might take up to 24 hours. Unplug the adapter’s cord and, if feasible, the adapter from the wall if your phone has dried out but is still not charging. Then, reconnect them.
Remember that depending on how much water got in, drying may take hours or even days. Avoid the temptation to check on your phone while you wait—it’s like checking on a cake before it’s cooked, but the results might be terrible.
It’s time to get expert assistance if your phone is still uncooperative after doing all of this. Bring it to an Apple Authorized Service Provider and turn it over to the professionals.

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