Amid reports of job cuts, Citibank’s CEO issues a warning to employees: “Deliver changes or get off the train.”

According to the Financial Times (FT), Citigroup CEO Jane Fraser has given a stern warning to the company’s 240,000 workers, underlining the need to “effect change or step away from the journey.”

This revelation comes after she just revealed the largest reorganization in the bank’s history during the previous 15 years. These adjustments give Ms. Fraser more direct control as she works to improve the Wall Street titan’s operations and stock performance.

When she becomes the third-largest bank in the US in 2021, she will have the enormous task of lowering risk and raising profitability.

“Join the team. In a town hall meeting with staff last week, Fraser was cited by the Financial Times as saying, “We have really big objectives for this bank and the train, it’s going to move quickly.

In addition, she said, “So lean in, help us win with clients, help us deliver the changes, or get off the train.” The precise number of workers impacted by the most recent wave of layoffs is yet unclear.

Fraser informed investors earlier this month that the business had made some “hard, significant, tough decisions.” They won’t enjoy a high level of support throughout our bank. Some of our folks will feel quite uncomfortable because of it. I’m completely ok with it. For our shareholders, it is unquestionably the correct thing to do, she said during the meeting, according to Reuters.

Since taking over as bank president, Ms. Fraser has worked to increase profitability and simplify operations. The extensive restructure is another significant step in her efforts. Despite Citi’s attempts to resolve regulatory difficulties via the divestiture of operations and continuing initiatives, its stock price has lagged behind those of its competitors.

Additionally, the bank is also battling a regulatory consent order from 2020 that calls for fixing a number of “longstanding deficiencies” in its internal control systems.

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