Amitabh Bachchan is the first celebrity voice included on PhonePe’s SmartSpeakers

In partnership with the renowned Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan, PhonePe has introduced a first-of-its-kind celebrity voice function on its amitabh bachchan is the first celebrity voice included on phonepes smartspeakers i

With the use of this new functionality, PhonePe SmartSpeakers can now authenticate client payments across India in Bachchan’s distinctive voice. Currently accessible in Hindi and English with plans to expand to more languages in the future is this industry-first celebrity voice function.

Since the debut of the PhonePe SmartSpeaker a year ago, merchant partners have utilized four million units throughout 19,000 postal codes (more than 90% of the nation).

The fact that the SmartSpeakers authenticate 100 crore (1,000 million) transactions nationwide is a great testament to their popularity. Amitabh Bachchan will be the celebrity voice added, making the payment process more participatory than ever before for both businesses and consumers.

“We are excited to provide a distinctive celebrity voice function for our SmartSpeaker for merchant partners in India. Vivek Lohcheb, Head of Offline Business at PhonePe, said that millions of Indians all around the nation instantly and universally recognize Bachchan’s voice.

“Being a popular Indian app used by one in four Indians, we believe this collaboration will further elevate the popularity of the PhonePe SmartSpeaker for merchants and customers alike,” he said.

Merchants must first launch the PhonePe for Business app and then go to the SmartSpeaker area on the home screen in order to activate this new function from the app.

Select Amitabh Bachchan’s voice in the desired language from the list of SmartSpeaker voices under “My SmartSpeaker,” then click “Confirm” to enable the voice.

Within a few hours, the gadget will reboot with the new language in Bachchan’s voice.

The portability, best-in-class battery, great audio clarity even in the noisiest environments, and the compact and versatile form factor, which enables retailers to use it even in the most crowded counter spaces, are some additional features that set PhonePe SmartSpeakers apart in the market.

Prior to the introduction of the PhonePe SmartSpeakers, feature phone-using businesses were mainly reliant on SMS for payment confirmation.

With up to four days of battery life, dedicated data connection, a dedicated battery level LED indicator for convenience, audio warnings for low battery levels, and a dedicated replay button for the most recent transaction, PhonePe SmartSpeakers provide voice payment notifications in many Indian languages.

PhonePe is witnessing the successful market acceptance of its SmartSpeakers because to the simplicity it provides to retailers, which is driving a rise in digital payments.


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