Another Huge Fan of Apple Vision Pro Is Here: See What OpenAI Chief Sam Altman Had to Say About The New Device

Like all previous Apple products, the Vision Pro has sparked a lot of excitement and intrigue. The gadget has even techies intrigued about what it may mean for mixed reality in the future. CEO of Meta Mark Zuckerberg believes Apple might provide his firm a similar effect in the market as Android.

Now, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, who already believes that the iPhone is the most amazing piece of technology ever released, has spoken his thoughts regarding the newest Apple device. What is Altman’s opinion of the Vision Pro, and where does it stand in his hierarchy? According to the CEO of OpenAI, the Vision Pro is the second-most remarkable piece of recently released technology.

He recently expressed this perspective on his X post on the upcoming mixed reality headgear. It’s intriguing that Altman prioritizes the iPhone above the Vision Pro, and it’s difficult to contest the effect the former made when Steve Jobs unveiled it to the public.

As could be predicted, there is a huge demand for the Apple Vision Pro among non-US citizens, with many of them wanting to get one. According to a Bloomberg story, consumers are being asked to pay far more than $5,000 (about Rs. 4 lakh) for the gadget; depending on the vendor and the model they choose, this amount may potentially reach $6,000 (roughly Rs. 5 lakh).

Experts have noted that Apple’s Vision Pro might have a significant influence on the mixed reality market, but even they may not have anticipated this degree of demand. The future is probably going to be fascinating reading for everyone engaged in the new Apple product’s development as well as the whole tech community, as people like Altman are anticipating tremendous things from it.