Apollo Tyres spearheads the sustainability discourse at the Bharat Mobility Expo’24 with a number of projects

The just ended Bharat Mobility Expo’24 was a very remarkable display of sustainability. It was a first-of-its-kind program in the car industry that gathered the whole mobility value chain under one roof. Future automobiles, electric car batteries, and advanced automotive component technology were the main topics of discussion during the event.One of the numerous first steps in changing the future of India’s automotive sector was the Bharat Mobility Expo ’24.

Driven by purpose, innovation, and sustainability, Apollo Tyres was one of the companies that took part in this exhibition. The brand’s commitment to sustainability changes public perceptions of environmental stewardship and community development.
Apollo Tyres showcased their line of electric vehicle (EV) tires at the Expo, offering the best rolling resistance in the class, low noise, aerodynamic sidewall, low weight, and good grip. The company also gave an engaging demonstration of these tires.

Apollo Tyres also introduced significant projects, such encouraging the public to pledge their tires. These old, worn-out tires will be recycled into football fields designed to promote physical activity and sports to India’s impoverished villages.
With 100% recycled rubber crumbs from the brand’s tires, work on a plan to provide people access to sporting venues around the nation has been underway.
Furthermore, this initiative will continue at a few Apollo Tires locations, allowing customers to drop off their worn tires at the closest dealership. The users’ names will be listed on the “Turf Wall of Fame” at the pitch as a way of acknowledging their contributions.

The “Bad Road Buddies Initiative” was another program designed for motorheads. It allowed participants to sign up for an off-road adventure that included camping in peaceful settings and planting trees to reduce carbon emissions. The company’s objective of planting 1.05 million trees by 2030 is in line with this endeavor.
An amazing high point of the occasion was when Prime Minister Narendra Modi stopped by the Apollo Tyres setup. The brand showcased its environmental efforts, which aligned with the government’s objective of India attaining carbon neutrality.
Vikram Gandhi

Vikram Garga, Group Head Marketing, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, Apollo Tyres, commented on the brand’s strategy, saying, “One of the five pillars of our vision 2026 is sustainability. By 2050, we want to be carbon neutral. We think Apollo Tires is prepared for electrification with its cutting-edge EV tires and cutting-edge technologies. Among our many categories, we have produced 75% of our tires using sustainable raw materials. We are eager to see how we can introduce them to the market after testing them.

Apollo Tyres goes above and above to uphold its commitment to sustainability. Its core has always been innovative, which has produced several eye-opening products. Given the brand’s focus on sustainability, it is reasonable to assume that it will lead the way in the direction of a more eco-friendly and productive future.

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