Azure, Teams, and Outlook are some of the Microsoft services that are unavailable

Azure, Teams, and Outlook are some of the Microsoft services that are unavailable

Many Microsoft services, including Teams and Outlook, are unavailable to users worldwide, including in India. The company said it was looking into the situation.

Over 3,900 customers in our nation were unable to use Teams, the well-known workplace communication platform, according to outage tracking website The company's other services, such as Azure, Microsoft 365, Store, and LinkedIn, have also been impacted.

Microsoft has blamed the outage on a networking problem. The business stated, "We have identified this problem from difficulties with networking setup, and we are evaluating the best mitigation method to resolve them without additional damage.

At around 12:30 IST, an issue started to emerge. Many Teams users got a notice that said, "There was an issue, and we're recovering."

Given the severity of the outage, it seems that the issue is coming from the server hosting the impacted services. Azure hosts all of Microsoft's online services.

The downtime of a number of Microsoft services might be caused by a cloud problem. The business lists the impacted services as Teams, Exchange Online, Outlook, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Graph.

Microsoft has not revealed the overall number of people impacted by the outage. Users in Australia, Japan, the UK, the US, and the UAE were among those impacted, according to

Most users were unable to utilize any Teams program features, take part in calls, send or receive messages, or participate in any calls during the outage. Several individuals posted relevant updates on Twitter.

It's going to be the biggest outage in a while. Major disruptions of this magnitude seldom occur with Microsoft services. In 2021, there were two outages for the teams, the first lasting four hours. The majority of the same services that were impacted during the first outage in March were still impacted.

Microsoft is working to fix the problem right now. According to the Microsoft 365 service status page, there are no issues right now. The status screen displays the good news that "Everything is up and running."

Additionally, the company reverses a network update it thinks was the root of the problem. This is being done to monitor the rollback's impact.