Broad availability of 5G spectrum may boost India’s GDP by $27 billion, according to GSMA

By 2030, the broad availability of spectrum for 5G is anticipated to boost India’s GDP by around $27 billion, according to a GSMA analysis released on Tuesday.

The organization, which speaks for mobile networks throughout the globe, said that the country’s spectrum strategy needed to include the higher 6 GHz band as well.

The GSMA’s Head of Spectrum, Luciana Camargos, claims that India’s 5G pace has drawn respect and interest from across the world.

“For it to continue and for the full realisation of the Indian government’s digital ambitions, a clear roadmap to deliver spectrum for growing mobile demand is needed,” Camargos said in a statement.

“The upper 6 GHz band must be part of that roadmap and bringing it into commercial use will require close collaboration between the government and the mobile industry.”

One of the 5G markets with the highest rate of growth worldwide is India. Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 5G rollout in October 2022, the nation’s 5G customers have used approximately 3.6 times as much mobile internet traffic as 4G users.

According to the ‘Nokia Mobile Broadband Index’ research, the 5G device ecosystem in India is fast growing, with around 17% of active 4G devices—134 million out of 796 million—now being 5G ready.

The introduction of 5G has been identified as a major driver of the increase in data consumption.

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