By 2024, the roads in UP would resemble those in America, according to Nitin Gadkari

By 2024, the roads in UP would resemble those in America, according to Nitin Gadkari

Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, said on Monday that by the end of 2024, Uttar Pradesh would have road infrastructure comparable to that in the US, and that the development of roads will alter the state's image. Gadkari predicted that UP will rise to prominence in the nation and urged farmers to start producing both food and electricity.

In Chitbadgaon earlier, Gadkari dedicated and laid the cornerstone for seven National Highway projects worth Rs 6,500 crore. "Before to 2014, the state of the roads in UP was not satisfactory. National Highway in the state has risen from 7,643 km to 13,000 km since the Narendra Modi administration took office "Gadkari said.

"Uttar Pradesh will have road infrastructure comparable to that in America by the end of 2024. The state is expanding quickly, and as more highways are built, the landscape will alter. The state will have contented and rich communities and impoverished people. Also, the young will get jobs, and UP will surpass all other states in the nation "added he.

Farmers should contribute significantly to energy export and serve as both food and energy producers, according to him. According to the minister, the Ballia Link Expressway would make it feasible to travel from Lucknow to Patna through the Purvanchal Expressway in about four and a half hours.

"Ballia may be reached in 30 minutes from Buxar, in an hour from Chhapra, and in 1.5 hours from Patna. The Greenfield Highway would improve communication between eastern Uttar Pradesh and Chhapra, Patna, and Buxar in Bihar "said he. He said that it is now simple for the farmers in Ballia to deliver their produce to the "mandis" in Lucknow, Varanasi, and Patna.

According to Gadkari, the new road from Chandauli to Mohania, which is being built at a cost of Rs 130 crore, would link the Kaimur district in Bihar and Chandauli in Uttar Pradesh through the Delhi-Kolkata GT Road. He said that after the Saidpur to Mardah route is built, Mau would have direct access to Varanasi through Saidpur.

According to the minister, UP's economic and social situation would improve as a result of improved connection with other state towns, and backward parts of the Azamgarh district will get new connectivity. Gadkari also unveiled a new connecting route between Ballia and Ara, which would cost Rs 1,500 crore and consist of a 28-km new spur road.