Cheap electric scooters from Greta have come to make a splash at a low price, driving range of 100Km and the price is just that

Cheap electric scooters from Greta have come to make a splash at a low price, driving range of 100Km and the price is just that

The demand for electric vehicles is increasing continuously in the Indian market, especially in the two-wheeler segment. While on one hand the leading automakers are busy introducing their new models, new startups are also fast entering this segment. Today Gujarat based Gujarat Electromotives Pvt Ltd has introduced its wide range of Electric Scooters under the Greta brand.

This Gujarat based startup manufactures electric scooters under the Greta brand. The company has introduced 4 new models in the market today, which include Harper, Evespa, Glide and Harper ZX. These scooters have been introduced with new attractive colors, trendy designs and large storage space.

The company claims that these scooters are not only low in price but also offer better driving range. The company has used lithium-ion battery packs of 48-volt to 60-volt capacity in these scooters. The company says that these scooters give a driving range of 70 to 100 km in a single charge.

Option to choose different batteries:

Greta Electric Scooter is also giving customers the option to choose from 4 different battery packs. Battery packs are available in these options with capacities of V2 (Lithium+48V), V2+ (Lithium+60V), V3 (Lithium+48V) and V3+ (Lithium+60V). Out of these, you can choose any one that will be used in the scooter.

These features are available:

Greta says that advanced features and technology have been used in these scooters. Not only do they offer a range of 100 km per charge, but their driving is also quite comfortable. These scooters get features like daytime running lights (DRL), EBS, reverse mode, ATA system, smart shift, digital instrument cluster display, keyless start and anti-theft alarm.

While Greta's Harper, Evespa and Harper ZX models get drum brakes, the Glide gets dual hydraulic brakes that provide balanced braking even at high speeds. The company claims that these scooters can be easily charged by connecting them to the home socket unit. It takes 4 hours for their battery to be fully charged. Their price ranges from Rs 60,000 to Rs 92,000.

Greta Scooters come in 22 different attractive color options. On the other hand, premium turquoise blue and rose gold colors have been introduced as signature colors. Let us inform that, Greta Scooters got approval from the International Center for Automotive Technology (ICAT) in late 2019.

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What is DRE technology in smartphone and how it works

What is DRE technology in smartphone and how it works

Today, the smartphone is providing all kinds of facilities, so users are spending more time on it. Whether you want to pay or do your entertainment, shopping or some productive work, your phone has all the apps which do all these things and make your life easier. But sometimes they also occupy space in the phone, and due to limited memory, there is a problem in multitasking. This leads to a lack of RAM. However, modern technology has found a solution for this too. Its name is Dynamic RAM Expansion ie DRE Technology.

What is DRE Technology

For the past few months, you too must have been hearing about DRE technology. We also know this by the name of virtual RAM expansion. This is a technology that converts the internal storage of the phone into virtual RAM. Virtual RAM actually uses the phone's internal storage as temporary RAM. Its main job is to improve memory management. It helps to keep more apps in memory as compared to physical RAM. Today you can experience this great technology in many phones of realme. This includes realme 8 5G, realme Narzo 30 5G, realme X7 Max 5G, realme GT Master Edition, realme GT, realme 8s 5G, realme 8i and realme GT Neo 

Why is DRE Technology needed?

As the size of apps and other apps with games is increasing, DRE technology is gradually becoming a necessity. RAM does many things in our phone. It stores data, helps in multitasking and also increases the speed of the phone. But the Android phone we have has limited RAM. In such a situation, considering the needs of multitasking in the phone, physical RAM is not enough today. In order to extend the capabilities of the smartphone and for better multitasking, Virtual RAM or DRE helps to increase the RAM by using some of the storage as RAM, to store more active apps.

How DRE Technology Works

Every time you tap on an app, the MMU (Memory Management Unit) has to decide where the app will go in RAM. When you open a new app again, the MMU plans the space in RAM for the new app as well as the old one. When you open individual apps, they get collected in RAM, but when there is no space in RAM and you want to open a new app, the system deletes the oldest apps you have open to make up space. Will give This means that the next time you open that old app, it will start from the beginning and not where you left it. If the phone has Virtual RAM or DRE technology, then when opening a new app in the absence of RAM, the system will shift to virtual memory instead of deleting the oldest app. Virtual RAM can be increased through OTA update.

understand with example

When you use the virtual memory feature on your smartphone, the phone allocates the amount of memory you choose as virtual, but to allocate space in the internal storage, you will need to restart the phone. For example, the 6GB configuration of the realme 8s 5G supports expansion of 5GB, up to 11GB in total. If you increase the RAM, you won't see any increase in the amount of RAM used by the system - while the storage is allocated to virtual RAM, your physical RAM will be of the same capacity. For example, if you have 10 apps open on your Android smartphone and there is not much space in the phone's RAM, Android closes the apps that are not running in the background or performing any tasks in the background. , or the system only closes the app that has the lowest priority and is the oldest of the ten apps.

In simple language, Virtual RAM manages all those apps which have no dynamic function in background and will keep such apps in memory for a long time. The Android system will take care and prioritize which apps should be stored in virtual memory and which should not. Virtual RAM will be used only when physical RAM is going beyond its limits to handle the process. By using the virtual memory feature, more apps can stay in the background for a longer period of time.

Author : Shakti Singh

Note : - This article has been written by Brand Desk.

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