Delhi High Court Fines Ashneer Grover Rs. 2 Lakh, Orders Him to Offer Courtroom Apology Without Conditions

Ashneer Grover was fined Rs 2 lakh by the Delhi High Court on Tuesday for disobeying court directions. The court reportedly expressed their disgust at Grover’s actions.

Ashneer Grover, the former managing director and co-founder of Bharat Pe, was fined Rs 2 lakh by the Delhi High Court on Tuesday for distributing offensive content about the company even though he had promised the court he wouldn’ raman raghav 2 0 according to vicky kaushal was his worst performance images 2023

Ashneer Grover has already submitted an unqualified apology to the Delhi High Court.

The Delhi High Court had counseled BharatPe and its estranged co-founder to maintain civility in their relationship even after their disagreement in January. The court requested the parties to “advise” their respective clients in accordance with its request that Mr. Grover desist from making any purportedly defamatory remarks.

In fact, social media has degraded us to this point. Why are we in this place? In essence, they need to show each other courtesy. The court said, “You have fallen out; fight your litigation.”

The Delhi Police’s Economic Offenses Wing questioned Grover’s wife, Madhuri Jain, last week for an alleged Rs 81-crore scam at the fintech business. Mr. Grover was also called, but he failed to show up to be questioned.

After BharatPe claimed that Mr. Grover and his family had made unlawful payments that resulted in losses of Rs. 81.3 crore, the lawsuit was filed in May 2023.

The business said that they paid human resource consultants with counterfeit money, falsified invoices, paid for travel expenses illegally, added fictitious transactions to input tax credits, and paid penalties to the GST authorities.


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