Does Google Need To Slow Down Or Is It Using AI “Too Fast”? CEO Sundar Pichai said the following

Earlier this month, during the I/O 2024 keynote, Google demonstrated the power of AI. We continue to believe that more has to be done to catch up with OpenAI since the company’s usage of AI is restricted to its core offerings. However, Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, understands that it is better to approach cautiously rather than aggressively in its pursuit of the top spot.

He has discussed striking the correct balance between publicizing innovations responsibly and keeping them at the forefront of technology. In a recent interview, Pichai restated this position once again, stating that Google would pursue its own course and not seek to equal its competitors only for the sake of rivalry.

In a previous interview with Bloomberg, Pichai was cited as stating, “I think one way you can do the wrong thing is by listening to the noise out there and playing someone else’s dance music.”

Given that it has made a few mistakes in the last few months, the corporation understands that focusing on AI cannot come at the expense of errors.

With material created using distorted historical facts, Google’s AI picture generator was accused of being racist, and the company received a lot of backlash. In an internal message, Pichai discussed the problem and said that the business will be making a number of adjustments and enhancements to the AI process to guarantee that similar problems and errors never arise again.

These incidents should be sufficient to make Pichai and Company aware of the need to monitor their advancement and follow the safety protocols in AI, which are critical as the technology develops and becomes a more integral part of our lives. While the CEO of Google acknowledged that no AI is flawless, he also raised the bar for the firm since people expected such a massive corporation as Google to be error-free.

Instead of following OpenAI’s lead, Google would be wise to design an AI roadmap that advances at a pace appropriate for its development and strikes a compromise between safety and creativity.

Since Apple hasn’t felt the need to enter the rat race without being completely compliant in every way, it’s likely going to be the perfect example for most businesses. Since artificial intelligence (AI) has the world both thrilled and alarmed, Pichai must make sure that his team acts as ethically as possible going forward.

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