Elon Musk is a Nobel Peace Prize nominee for his support of free speech on X

New Delhi: Norwegian lawmaker Marius Nilsen has nominated SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk for the Nobel Peace Prize. Nilsen praised the billionaire X (formerly Twitter) owner for his unwavering defense of free speech and his provision of Starlink satellite internet services to Ukrainian forces during the conflict with Russia. One of the five Nobel Prizes created by the Swedish businessman, inventor, and weapons maker Alfred Nobel’s will is the Nobel Peace Prize.

Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Elon Musk
Marius Nilsen, a member of parliament from Norway, proposed Elon Musk for the Nobel Peace Prize because of his position on “free speech.”

Elon Musk is the subject of a Nobel Peace Prize nomination from Norwegian libertarian MP Marius Nilsen, who notes that Musk’s tech companies have contributed to “making the world a more connected and safer place” and that Musk is a “damant defence of dialogue, free speech, and (enabling) the possibility to express one’s views’ in a continuously more polarised world.” However, others have attacked Musk’s record on free speech, claiming that he shows little tolerance for the free speech of his workers and that his support of the right to free speech seems to apply mostly to his own speech or that of his supporters and admirers.

Elon Musk’s Open Letter Regarding Purchasing X
In2022, Musk purchased Twitter.

Human rights advocates harshly criticized Elon Musk when he assumed control of “X” on October 27, 2022, fearing that the social media site will turn into a gravely dangerous place and breed hate crimes online. But in his first tweet after his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter Inc., Musk praised free expression and its importance.

The X CEO said in the tweet, “Free speech is the cornerstone of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is the digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated.” In an effort to further advance free expression, the creator of Tesla also expressed a desire for his harshest detractors to stay on Twitter, stating that “that is what free speech means.”

Requirements for Nobel Peace Prize Nominations
The eight-month screening and selection procedure for the Nobel Peace Prize results in the identities of the contenders and nominators being kept secret for 50 years. The following criteria must be met in order to submit a Nobel Peace Prize nomination.

Qualifications for Nobel Peace Prize Nominees
Members of national legislatures and administrations (not the heads of state in office)
Participants at the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague and the International Court of Justice in The Hague
Institut de Droit International members
Members of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom’s International Board
Academics in the fields of history, social sciences, law, philosophy, theology, and religion who hold positions in universities; university directors and rectors, or their equivalents
Directors of foreign policy and peace research organizations
Past recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize
Members of organizations that have won the Nobel Peace Prize’s main board of directors, or its equivalent
Members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, both present and former
former Norwegian Nobel Institute advisors
It’s also crucial to remember that there are no approved personal applications for the Prize.

Procedure for Nominations
By January 31 of the award year, a qualifying nominee must submit their nomination.
After reviewing the submissions, the Norwegian Nobel Committee narrows down the field of potential winners.
Advisors review the applicants’ submissions and provide a report.
The ultimate choice is made by the committee during its last meeting before to the award announcement.
Furthermore, for fifty years, all nomination-related information is kept private.

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