Elon Musk Is About To Launch A Job Posting Feature On Twitter To Compete With LinkedIn, Called “Twitter Hiring”

The well-known microblogging service Twitter has introduced Twitter Hiring, a new job posting feature, in an effort to take on LinkedIn as the leader in the professional social networking space. A new screenshot shared by app researcher Nima Owji indicates that the functionality would enable verified businesses to post job listings directly on their Twitter sites.

The picture indicates that verified companies will be able to attach an ATS or XML feed to import all of their job openings to Twitter. They will be able to quickly and simply add employment openings to their profiles using this strategy.

Elon Musk, the new head of Twitter, made a hint about the creation of this feature earlier this year. When a user suggested the dating app “Twinder,” Musk commented intriguingly, “Interesting idea, maybe jobs too.”

The much awaited feature is a part of Twitter’s strategic plan to get more businesses to utilize its platform and enhance the user experience. Although people have been able to advertise job opportunities using tweets in the past, the introduction of Twitter Hiring will reportedly make it simpler for companies to identify qualified applicants.

How Does The Feature Function?
Verified firms will have the opportunity to post up to five job listings on their profiles in order to attract top talent. They will be able to use Twitter’s enormous user base in this way. The feature aims to enhance communication between companies and job applicants, facilitating a simple recruiting process.

The media organization already has access to the new job listings feature, according to Adam Ryan, CEO of Workweek. The “Verified for Organisations” package, which costs Rs 82,300 per month, according to him, incorporates the functionality.

Users and organizations are anxiously expecting the platform’s formal announcement of the feature’s availability and its possible impact on social networking and the employment market. The ‘@TwitterHiring’ account is now dormant, but users and organizations are waiting with increasing eagerness.