Everything pertaining to the banning of screenshots of messages in WhatsApp's "View Once" feature

Everything pertaining to the banning of screenshots of messages in WhatsApp's "View Once" feature

Users may no longer screenshot messages that are set to "view once" on WhatsApp. In October 2022, a feature that prohibits users from capturing screenshots of images or videos received via the 'View Once' option was added to the Meta-owned app. Since then, the screen recording function has been deactivated and the screenshot-blocking function has been enhanced.

The "View Once" option on WhatsApp is intended to deliver material that only has to be seen once, as the name implies. Screenshots were formerly an efficient way to get around privacy constraints, but they are no longer practical. To wrap up any loose ends, the app has also disabled screen recording for "have a look" notifications.

The receiver won't be able to snap a screenshot when you choose the "View at once" option to share a picture or video. Screenshot Blocked will display after doing this.

Screen recording is also not an option. Pictures and videos linked to a "Take a Look" message cannot be forwarded, bookmarked, or shared by the receiver, and they won't be stored on their device either.

Users who are using an earlier version of WhatsApp could still be able to capture a photo if you send them a "Take a look" message. There is yet another important flaw, which may be difficult to fix. A separate device or camera may still be used by the person receiving the material to record it.

As part of the iOS update, block shortcuts were just made accessible to WhatsApp beta users. Shortcuts to ban undesirable contacts are now available in both the notification panel and the chat list.

Below is a list of some of the forthcoming features. On the app operated by Meta, users will soon be able to submit voice status. Users will now be able to transmit photographs in their unaltered, original quality. Additionally, WhatsApp is developing an iOS 16 feature that would let users to easily extract text from photos.