Exclusive training programs are launched by Haven Ark for prospective traders

May 21, Kochi (Kerala) [India]: With the goal of changing people’s perspectives on trading, Zimtra, a proprietary trading business, and Haven Ark, the top stock trading community in India, provide extensive training programs. The recently launched mentoring programs, which have over four years of industry expertise, come with a host of advantages, such as access to a simulator platform where traders may hone their abilities, create winning trading methods, and trade real markets using the firm’s funds.

The goal of Haven Ark is to create an open, encouraging community where merchants may communicate, exchange stories, and gain knowledge from one another. The course covers everything from basic ideas like price action trading to sophisticated techniques like smart money trading in futures and options, giving participants a thorough understanding of a wide range of financial market aspects. Unlike traditional pre-recorded lectures, participants may learn from both successful and unsuccessful trades via live trading sessions and open communication channels, which promotes ongoing learning and development.

Lifetime access, live trading under the direction of a professional, continuing assistance via Haven Ark Care, and participation in special trader events and retreats are all important aspects of Haven Ark’s training programs. Additionally, the firm provides prizes, recognition, and a funded trader program via its quizzes, community competitions, and Trader of the Month programs. Haven Ark has two membership choices for those who want to start trading: a two-month program that costs Rs. 6,000 or a lifetime access option that costs Rs. 10,000 and gives continuous training and assistance.

“We think that development, connection, and cooperation have great power. We want to enable people to reach their financial objectives and prosper in the stock market with ease via our mentoring program and encouraging community,” said Mr. Akash Jayan, CEO of Haven Ark.

People from a variety of backgrounds, including students, working professionals, and stay-at-home moms, may participate in the mentoring programs offered by Haven Ark and Zimtra.

In order to enable participants to easily incorporate trading into their schedules as a part-time or full-time activity, we have modified the timing of our programs to facilitate trading in the US markets. Furthermore, top performers on the simulator platform have the opportunity to get $10,000 in trade funds, with the possibility of accessing $2 million in capital if they show persistent competency,” says Adam Lambert, Managing Director of Zimtra.

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