FBI probe begins in more than 160 cases against Capitol Hill rioters

FBI probe begins in more than 160 cases against Capitol Hill rioters

Washington: In the  US, the FBI launched an investigation into more than 160 cases against rioters in Capitol Hill on January 6, saying it was just the beginning. 'Field Office Assistant Director-in-charge' Steven M. D'Antuno of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Washington, told a press conference that the agency arrested and charged people who attacked the Capitol (Parliament House) last week The United States Attorney's Office and is working closely with its law enforcement partners to frame the charges.

He said, "In six days, we have opened more than 160 case files and this is just the beginning." He said that the FBI has received more than one lakh materials of 'digital media' which are related to the attack on the capital. D'Antuno said the agency would reach every single person who attacked the acapital. He said, "But before we do that, you have a chance to come out on your own, as some people have done on Wednesday."

Significantly, US President Donald Trump has not accepted his defeat in the election and he has been making uncontested claims of fraud in the election held on November 3. Amidst his claims, Trump's supporters stormed into the Capitol Building (US Parliament House) and carried out violence, killing one Capitol Police officer and four others.  

US: Donald Trump will leave Washington on the morning of January 20, expected to live in Florida

US: Donald Trump will leave Washington on the morning of January 20, expected to live in Florida

On January 20, Joe Biden will be sworn in for the next President of the United States. The journey from the election to the swearing-in has been full of ups and downs for Biden and America. During this time, America also saw the most embarrassing day in the history of democracy, when a crowd of Trump's supporters attacked the US Parliament and then five people died in the riots.

The current US President Donald Trump was yet to dismiss the results of the election and was not ready to leave the White House. However, now they are ready for the transfer of power. According to reports, Trump will leave Washington on the morning of January 20, the newly elected President Joe Biden's swearing-in day.

Hope to live in florida

A person with knowledge of the case gave this information on condition of anonymity, because this decision has not been made public. Trump has already said that he will not attend Biden's swearing-in ceremony. In his place, Vice President of India Mike Pence will participate in the program. Trump is expected to live in Florida with some colleagues.

Please tell that on January 20, Kamla Harris of Indian origin will take oath as Vice President along with Biden. Vice President Mike Pence has called and congratulated newly elected Vice President Kamala Harris. Two people who had information about the conversation between the two leaders gave this information.

In this regard, an official described the conversation on Thursday afternoon as a 'good conversation' and said that Pence wished Harris the best. The conversation between Pence and Harris comes as newly elected presidents Joe Biden and Harris have less than a week left to take the oath.

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