Final Alert! Avoid Having Your “Inactive” Google Account Deleted: This Is How

Even while it’s doubtful that you haven’t used your Google account in a while, if you do, or if you have a secondary account that you don’t often check, be advised that Google will delete it on December 1, 2023—which is, as of right now, only a few days regarding rumors of plastic surgery jennifer lawrence said its incredible what mak

It’s true that Google will begin deleting dormant Google accounts and all of the data that belongs to them, including contacts, Gmail, images, Drive storage, and more.

The crucial point to remember is that if you haven’t utilized your account for at least two years, it is deemed “inactive.” Therefore, if you just logged in, everything is OK.To make your account “active” once again, however, if you’re reading this and can’t recall when you last checked it, you must do one of the following actions:

Open an email on your Google account and reply to it.
To upload or download material, use Google Drive.
Watch a video from the same account on YouTube.
Use Google Photo to share a picture.
Download an app using your Google account that is registered from the Play Store.
Put a YouTube video online.

Google claimed to have “invested in technology and tools to protect our users from security threats, such as spam, phishing scams, and account hijacking” in a May policy change document. However, the company also warned that accounts that have not been used in a long time could become “compromised.”

According to Google, this is because accounts that are forgotten or left unattended often utilize outdated or frequently used passwords that may have been hacked, lack two factor authentication, and undergo less security checks from the user. According to our internal data, the likelihood of 2-step verification being set up on abandoned accounts is at least ten times lower than that of active accounts.

This only affects “PERSONAL” ACCOUNTS.

To be clear, personal Google accounts are the only ones affected by this policy change. Official business accounts and accounts created by educational institutions won’t be erased. Furthermore, accounts that have posted videos to YouTube won’t be impacted.


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