First approval will have to be taken for import of power equipment from China: RK Singh

First approval will have to be taken for import of power equipment from China: RK Singh

New Delhi: June 28 (PTI) In the midst of a border confrontation with China, the Union Ministry of Power has encouraged the use of manufactured equipment to make it more vigilant to protect the security of the power system, and now import power equipment from neighboring countries like China. It is decided to make it mandatory before taking its approval.
It is also the decision of the Ministry that imported power equipment will be rigorously tested in India's laboratories for cyber security.

In addition, a committee has been formed under the Central Electricity Authority to chalk out a strategy to monitor and prevent cyber attacks on power transmission and other related systems.

Power and New and Renewable Energy Minister RK Singh said in a special conversation with 'Bhasha', "Electricity is a strategically important and sensitive area. If the power sector is harmed, the wheel of development in the country will come to a complete halt. The reason for this is that all industries, including defense, need electricity for communication systems and data bases. You can make alternate arrangements for 12 to 24 hours but after that you need electricity. ”He said,“ Keeping this in mind, we have started taking steps. We have decided that whatever power equipment is being manufactured in the country, take the industry from here. And for the equipment which is not manufactured here, we will prepare the manufacturing structure in two-three years.

Meanwhile, the import of those equipment will be approved. "The minister said," But whatever equipment will be imported, They will be intensively tested in the laboratories of the country to find out whether 'malware' and 'Trojan horses' have been used in it. After that its use will be allowed. "Malware is a software or program that can cause damage to files or related devices. At the same time, Trojan horses are malware software which will look suitable but it can harm the computer or other software. It is designed in such a way that data or network can be disrupted, data can be lost or damaged.

The country's power sector has faced cyber attacks mainly from countries like China, Singapore and Russia in the past.
Singh also said, "We have formed a committee headed by the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) in view of the possibility of cyber attacks." The committee will suggest measures to detect and deal with the threat situation of cyber attack. ''
He said, "Apart from this, the equipment that needs to be imported will be able to be made. But imports from countries like China and Pakistan from which India is threatened or threatened, will have to be approved in advance. Rather, we would rather that 'Prior Reference Country' be imported from other countries, rather than imports from countries such as China and Pakistan. There is a danger of danger. It mainly consists of those countries which share borders with the Indian border. It mainly consists of Pakistan and China.

It is noteworthy that these steps are being taken at a time when 20 Indian soldiers were martyred in a violent skirmish between India and the Chinese army in the border dispute in Ladakh.

The minister said, "It has been seen that the equipments which are being manufactured in the country are also being imported. The reason for this is dumping by some countries, especially China, to export at very cheap prices. That's why the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has imposed anti-dumping duty and safeguard duty on import of equipment. "The country imported electrical equipment worth Rs 71,000 crore in the year 2018-19. A large part of this is from China. It does not include renewable energy related equipment.

In response to a question, he said that it was talked to the industry about this, they are understanding it. AIMA (Indian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers Association) also gave a memorandum regarding the seriousness of the situation.